Fs2004 faq

Microsoft - FS2004 Forum FAQ

Compiled by Andrew Herd

This FAQ addresses areas where known fixes or work-arounds exist for FS2004 bugs and "features" - note that it is written for the English language version of FS2004 and that folder names and other items will vary in versions which are localised for other languages.

General - FS2004

FS2004 crashes and how to prevent them

Joysticks, yokes etc. - FS2004

Flying the planes - FS2004

Importing aircraft and scenery from older versions of FS - FS2004

Addons - FS2004

Frame rates, stuttering and all - FS2004

Graphics - FS2004

AI traffic and ATC - FS2004

Technical stuff - FS2004

The patch - FS2004

Windows XP SP2 Problems - FS2004

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