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This FAQ addresses areas where known fixes or work-arounds exist for FS2002
bugs and "features" -

How can I prevent the "Flight Simulator 2002 has detected third party
software that may not be compatible with this version of Flight Simulator "message
appearing when FS2002 starts?

Write down the name of the offending module and add an entry like this to the
FS2002.cfg file (found in the main FS2002 folder)



FSNav.dll=1 ; for users of FSNavigator

However, this is not necessary for the majority of modules - FSNavigator, FSSound
and FSUIPC have been replaced with FS2002 compatible modules, so search for
them on flightsim.com and download them.

How can I enable aircraft damage?

This is turned off by default, but there is a reasonably good visual damage
model buried in the guts of FS2002. You can enable it as follows:

1. Open aircraft.cfg for each plane you wish to modify.

2. Make a backup.

3. Add the line visual_damage=1 in the [fltsim.x] (x=0, 1, 2, etc.) sections
- note that some planes like the 172SP have several different liveries - if
you only add the line to the [fltsim.0] section, you will end up with only one
livery having a damage model enabled. It is probably best to put it in as the
line just before "Description" - i.e. next to last in this section.

Here is an example, with the new line highlighted


title=Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian











ui_type=C208 Caravan Amphibian

ui_variation=Yellow with black


description=If you're looking for a new flying challenge, you'll find it behind
the controls of the Caravan Amphibian. The Amphibian is the largest single-engine
floatplane currently manufactured and is a versatile aircraft for both passenger
and cargo operations. The floats on the Amphibian contain landing gear, making
it possible to land anywhere, water or land.

4. Enable crashes in the aircraft menu

5. Set overall realism to "hard"

Failing that, you can download Eric Busseau's damage file from Flightsim.com
- he has modified all the default config files and put them in one zip so that
even the AI planes can be damaged.

Is it possible to fly the FS2000 planes (Concorde, etc.) under FS2002 and
if so, are they installed the same way as in FS2000?

The answer is yes, most FS2000 planes (not necessarily panels) work OK in 2002,
but there are a few issues. Taildraggers don't sit right, floatplanes sink and
explode and 2000 style nav lights look too big in 2002, though this is a minor
issue. But otherwise you install the planes just the same way as you did for
FS2000. For many packages - most recent commercial, plus the better freeware
like POSKY - we should see upgrades.

How do I import FS2000 planes into FS2002?

See above, but the answer is that you need to reinstall them from scratch -
dragging the aircraft folders from one version of FS to the other may leave
important bits of code (mostly gauges) behind.

How can I get FS2000 add-on planes to show up in the aircraft selection

1. Open the aircraft.cfg of each plane in notepad.

2. Make a backup.

3. Edit the file to add the lines shown in red - the red is only for emphasis
in this example


title=FSD Commander C115TC

sim=FSD C-115_2002





kb_checklists=FSD C115_check




ui_variation=Factory Demonstrator







description=Commander Aircraft Company C115TC by FSD for FS2002.

If you add the lines hihglighted in red to the file, substituting Cessna or
Piper for Commander and Saratogo or 152 or whatever (you can leave the variation
line empty), not only will ATC call you up with the right name, but the aircraft
will now show in the aircraft selection dialog as the correct type too. Furthermore,
if you change the atc_id line, ATC will call you with whatever reg you enter
(within reason).

I have downloaded and installed various freeware planes into FS2002,
but some of them don't show up. Why?

The most common reason for this is that the planes aren't compatible with FS2002.
Aircraft designed for FS98 or before usually won't run under FS2002 - you can
check this by looking up the version of the sim the plane was designed for in
its readme. A second reason why a plane may not load is that you are running
Windows XP or 2000 and the aircraft has a corrupt mdl file - you can sometimes
fix this using a freeware utility called mdrepair.zip, but if this doesn't work,
the plane isn't usable.

Why I can not see the landing lights on the runway at night with an aircraft
which is not one of the defaults of FS2002?

This is because only G-Max (i.e. native FS2002) planes and specially programmed
FSDS (a design tool for FS2000) planes are capable of doing this.

How do I make the Nav2 radio work?

Add the following lines to the aircraft.cfg file of whichever aircraft you
wish to have Nav2 functionality.



Com.1=1, 1

Com.2=1, 1

Nav.1=1, 1, 1

Nav.2=1, 1, 0




How can I get rid of the brakes banner?

1. Using notepad, open up your FS2002.cfg file, located in the main FS2002

2. Make a backup copy of this file.

3. Scroll way down for the section named (Sim).

4. Find the section which says:



5. Add the line

show_brake_message=0 below SYSCLOCK=1

How can I stop my aircraft displaying the 'overspeed' message and then breaking

As far as I know, the overspeed message can't be got rid of - however, you
can stop the 'airframe overstress' that causes the breakup and reset by going
to the menu: \aircraft\realism settings and then unchecking 'aircraft stress
causes damage'

How can I fix the autopilot to work like it did in FS2000?

The autopilot has also been "improved," to the consternation of many
simmers. While in many ways this makes it behave more like modern passenger
jet autopilots, it is very different to the FS2000 autopilot and it seems
that this has caught a lot of people out who have become used to engaging alt
hold and then hand flying the directional axis, but there is a work-around:

1. Open aircraft.cfg file for the each airplane whose autopilot you want to

2. Make a back up.

3. Add the following lines to the [Autopilot] section


use_no_default_pitch = 1 // 0 = Default to current pitch mode, 1 = No default
pitch mode.

use_no_default_bank = 1 // 0 = Default to Wing Leveler mode, 1 = No default
bank mode.

Setting this switch knocks out Flight Director command for that axis, so for
example, setting use_no_default_bank to 1, but use_no_default_pitch to 0 would
leave the autopilot in command of the elevators, but not the ailerons, allowing
you to alter heading by banking the aircraft.

Why do FS2002 planes have such trouble doing ILS landings, this was never
a problem in FS2000?

This was caused by Microsoft redesigning the way aircraft work in 2002. Basically,
the autopilot functions used to reside in a section of the .air file - in particular
the airspeed control and ILS capture, both laterally and glideslope - which
worked well in FS2000.

In 2002 these parameters have been moved to the aircraft.cfg, and while MS
have a comprehensive SDK in beta, together with a fairly good Flight Dynamics
Editor, it is pretty clear that something has gone astray in the default planes.
Third party aircraft have been very hard hit and many users are experiencing
huge problems with a variety of autopilot functions including ILS capture, dutch
rolling and pitch anomolies.

The problem is that this won't be solved until either (1) Microsoft patch 2002
- and at the time of writing there is no hint of whether they are even considering
this; or (2) the third-party developers get their heads around the SDKs - once
they are released and fix the planes.

How do I get the aircraft doors to open?

Press shift and E together - but remember that you can't open all the doors
on every plane!

Why do the scenery textures look blurry?

The explanation for this is complex, but it depends on hardware settings for
the video card and also on settings in FS2002, primarily the level of bitmapping
used. One possible cause is a mishap in the simulator settings: the "Aircraft
Texture Size" slider in the Display settings seems to apply to the scenery
textures as well - try dragging this slider to "Massive" if you are
affected by blurring. Checking 'use extended terrain textures' under the display
settings will help, as will running in full screen mode, but ultimately the
problem is down to the way FS2002 handles terrain texture loading.

The "Aircraft Texture Size" slider can affect scenery textures at
settings lower than "high" (set at "High" FS2002 uses 512
x 512 texture sheet, the preferred size of autogen). "Medium" (256
x 256) will affect autogen textures, but no other scenery textures. "Small"
(128 x 128) will affect most scenery textures to some degree.

I don't have a hat control - how do I pan the spot plane view up and down?

Shift-enter moves the view down, shift-backspace moves it up

Should I ever get concerned about the size (amount of files) of the gauges
file? I keep adding new panels and when I delete them I have always left the
gauges behind.

The short answer is no, it doesn't really matter if there are surplus gauges
in there. I just leave them in after reviews, because it is too much like hard
work cleaning them out. The only rule I operate is that I am careful not to
overwrite newer gauges with older ones when I install a new panel.

At night, the runway approach lights are very hard to see. How can I fix


My Force Feedback Pro joystick doesn't work with FS2002 and Windows XP.
Is there a work around?

Nope. The original FF Pro doesn't work with some combinations of FS2002 and
operating systems. It is unlikely to be sorted out because Microsoft have released
a new version of the stick, the Force Feedback Pro 2.

I am having big problems landing at high altitude airports. I keep crashing
on approach. What is the solution?

First, make sure you have indicated airspeed set in Flight Simulator, as otherwise
the airspeed that is displayed will be below stalling speed half the time. The
other is that you need to lean the mixture to preserve power at altitude.

I can see some aircraft folders in FS2002\aircraft that don't appear
in the selection menu - a Dash 8, an MD-83 and a PA28. What are they and how
can I use them?

These are the AI planes and they aren't really intended to be used, but there
are various fixes which will make them "flyable". Try searching for
the file ai.zip, which makes the PA28, MD-83 and Dash-8 flyable, or dh-8fly3.zip,
which makes all three Dash-8s flyable. You will need to find panels to use with
the planes, though.

Is there a setting where I can "adjust" the volume of traffic
at the airport or in the air? For example: it's a 5PM rush hour at LAX and 10
in line for waiting?

Adjust ATC traffic using the menu \options\settings\ATC and adjust the traffic
percentage slider.

If this is set to 0%, you won't see any other planes, at 100% it may be difficult
to get taxi clearance at larger airports.

However, if a take of from an airfield, bump a few circuits andf then
fly off say 20 or so miles my frame rates begin to dump. What causes this?

This is the famous AI traffic bug. It doesn't officially exist, but if you
go to \options\settings\ATC and pull the traffic percentage slider to zero your
frame rates will stage a sudden recovery.

Why do my addon AI planes sometimes appear without wheels in FS2002?

This is because the planes concerned are non-Gmax designs, and there doesn't
appear to be any way of fixing it, short of replacing the offending aircraft
with a different one which has a Gmax visual model.

I used to see AI planes, but now they have all disappeared? What happened
and how can I fix it?

In the FS2002\aircraft directory, there is a file called "default.dp"
For some reason default.dp can be deleted or become corrupted. If your AI planes
vanish, default.dp should be re-installed from the first FS2002 CD (look in
the aircraft.cab file).

How can I create my own AI traffic?

Read this

I have flown at least a dozen check flights for the private pilot's
certificate in FS2002 Pro, but can't get past the steep turn after climbing
to 2000 ft. as instructed. How do I achieve this?

You need to adhere to the very strict criteria for doing the steep turn involved
in this flight - it must be executed at 45 degrees. See Microsoft Knowledge
Base Article 315203 on Microsoft's website
for more detail.

When I try and change the heading or course settings using some addon
panels, the bugs move in ten degree jumps. How can I fix this?

Download Pete Dowson's freeware FSUIPC utility (fsuipc.zip) and check the 'Fix
Control Acceleration' box in FSUIPC once you have reloaded FS2002. Once installed,
FSUIPC can be accessed via FS2002's 'modules' menu.

I would like to add a virtual cockpit to an airplane - is there any
easy way of doing this by copying some files over?

The short answer to this one is no, unless you enjoy coding in FSDS or Gmax.
The VC is part of a plane's visual model and unlike a 2D panel, isn't easy to

How do I install new planes in FS2002?

this link!

How do I install a new panel in an FS2002 plane?

this link (-:

I have downloaded and installed a panel in a freeware plane, but there
are holes where the gauges should be. How can I fix it?

In our experience the most common problem people face when installing new panels
is forgetting to put the gauges in the \FS2002\Gauges directory, with the result
that when the panel loads for the first time they are faced with a bitmap with
a series of black holes where the instruments should be. Check out the package
you downloaded - somewhere in there is a zip called something like "gauges".
Extract that into \FS2002\guages and then restart FS2002. You should be set.

The following is displayed on my screen when I hit SHIFT Z to display
frame rates: FRAMES/SEC = 028.5 (LOCKED AT 30 FPS) +Gs. Does that mean that
my graphics card is somehow limited to 30 FPS ? Is it possible to increase the
rates by somehow removing this lock ?

What the message means is that you have the target frame rate locked at 30
fps in settings\display and that your PC is giving an average of 28 fps. If
you work through the display settings dialog, you could drag the slider to a
higher setting, but there probably isn't much to be gained from doing it.

I can't fly my planes because I seem to have permanent control inputs
even with the stick centered - the result being that to fly the plane straight
and level I have to use left or right aileron and/or large amounts of rudder.
When the stick calibration is checked in control panel, everything seems to
be normal. What is the cause of this?

Joystick 'chatter' does this. If the control panel won't fix it, download FSUIPC.zip
and use that - note that this utility may well be payware by the time you read
this, but it is worth it as it solves many other problems including mysteriously
flattening aircraft batteries.

Compiled by Andrew Herd

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