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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.1 How do you edit aircraft textures?

1.2 How do I repaint aircraft?

1.3 How do I start FS2000 with the engines turned off?

1.4 Are FS98 planes compatible with FS2000?

1.5 Where are the aircraft Shadows in FS2000?

1.6 Editing Flight Dynamics in FS2000

1.7 The realism settings change to standard everytime I start FS2000

1.8 What is the difference between true/indicated airspeed?

1.9 Tutorial on installing new aircraft in FS2000.

1.10 What does the .air file do, and can I change it?


2.1 Where are the Jeppesen charts?


3.1 Cabin views of flt sim 2000 aircraft

3.2 Does any one know how to get pushback to work?

3.3 How can I change the spot view quickly?

3.4 How do you look down from the plane or scan 360 with a joystick hat button?

3.5 How do you get reverse thrust to work?

3.6 How can I zoom-out even more in the plane-view? (When viewing the plane from outside)

3.7 I'm having trouble starting the engines in Realistic Mode!

3.8 How to insert GPS Waypoints into your FS2000 GPS


4.1 How do you get the rudder to work?


5.1 How can you turn on the landing lights?

5.2 How do I know if I made a good landing using "landing analysis" in FS2000?

5.3 Is it true that, for example, a Boeing 747 can actually land on its own using autopilot?

5.4 How do I back out of the gate, I try to do a pushback but it doesn't work!

5.5 How fast does a real airliner climb to reach altitude?

5.6 Which is the highest altitude you go "in real life"?

5.7 Many FS2000 aircraft seem to have an unusally short braking distance.

5.8 Where can I find a tutorial on how to fly the Concorde?

5.9 How do I land/take-off from water without crashing with my sea-planes?

5.10 What does the auto-brake setting "RTO" stand for?

5.11 What do OAT and RAT mean?

5.12 How can I correct the veering to the left on takeoff?

5.13 What does pitot heat do?

5.14 What is the function of the "yaw damper" on the autopilot?

5.15 What is the N1% with full throttle on a real 757, 747, etc?

5.16 What does "KNOTS" mean on the HSI (right upper corner)?

5.17 I need help landing the 747 in a crosswind!

5.18 Is there a proper way to calculate when to slow down and start the descent?

5.19 What airspeed do I need to hold in a pattern and when should I deploy flaps?

5.20 How soon (distance) after take-off can you start making a turn to your heading?

5.21 How do I avoid access torque (pulling to the side) on takeoff?

5.22 How can I find the ILS Freq. for different Airports?

5.23 Real Weather doesn't give me the "real" weather!

5.24 I want to get more info about VOR/NDB Navigation

5.25 The VOR won't give me a distance

5.26 Is ATC available for FS2000?

5.27 How do I land the aircraft like they do IRL?

5.28 How to use the autopilot for approaches using ILS?


6.1 Can a force feed joystick affect performance?

6.2 What is a good video card for FS2000?

6.3 What is the best hardware to use on FS2000?

6.4 Should I fly with a yoke?

6.5 Some of my joystick assignments are gone and I can't get them back!

6.6 How can I get the rudder to center with my yoke?


7.1 Does anyone know how to iluminate fs98 panels in fs2000?

7.2 How can FS98 panels be illuminated in FS2000?

7.3 How can I add the FS2000 buttons GPS/NAV etc to aircraft which are made for FS98

7.4 The VSI doesn't work in the default LearJet and Boeing 777!

7.5 How do I enter coordinates in FS2K GPS?

7.6 How to add GPS-Pics to FS98 panels!

7.7 How can I added the advanced GPS to converted FS98 aircraft?

7.8 After five minutes all my gauges die!?

7.9 Why does my attitude indicator fall over and die ?

7.10 How Do I Organize My Gauges?


8.1 Can I remove a scenery file in fs2000 , and replace it?

8.2 Can I add/fix a missing or incorrect ILS in FS2000?

8.3 Some of my Aircraft is sitting on it's body, with the wheels melted in the rwy!

8.4 Problems with floating runways when using FS98 scenery in FS2000

8.5 How can I add ATIS/ASOS Freq. to smaller airports in FS2000?


9.1 I can't hear the engine sounds in FS2000

9.2 I can't hear the touchdown sound as in FS98!

9.3 I cannot seem to get the radio to work on any flight!?


10.1 How do I install a newly downloaded plane?

10.2 How do I use CD #1 to get the sim to start?

10.3 Does increasing the image cache size affect performance and stability?

10.4 Can I use the multiplayer feature inside a firewall/proxy?

10.5 Can anyone tell me how to set up FS2K with multiple monitors?

10.6 Can I keep the last downloaded real weather for my next flight after a restart?

10.7 Can I save a flight in the middle of an adventure and still get ATC the next time I load?

10.8 What's the difference between local and global weather?

10.9 Does anyone know how you get the autopilot settings to what you actually want?

10.10 After looking at the map my airspeed drops alot?

10.11 Seeing other peoples Models/Textures without Downloading their planes!

10.12 When I try to select downloaded FS2000 Aircraft I get an error!

10.13 Mousetrails enabled will crash FS2000!

10.14 Can you get Real Weather with Netscape as your browser?

10.15 How do I enable the FSAA feature of Voodoo 5000 cards in FS2000?

10.16 How do I make IE save downloaded files where I want them?

10.17 Where does fs2000 call to download real weather?

10.18 How to use FS98 adventures in FS2000

10.19 How can I repaint some of my aircraft, is there a tutorial available?

10.20 How can I avoid loading the CD when I start FS2000?

10.21 Is there a more up to date converter than TEXBMP to deal with texture files?

10.22 How can I take a screenshot in FS2000?

10.23 FS2000 crashes with a general protection fault in terrain.dll!

11. USING FS2000

11.1 Can you upgrade from the regular edition to the Pro version?

11.2 Can FS2K be used with the new Windows 2000?

11.3 How can I solve a problem using the FS2000 message forum?


12.1 My frame rates are too slow! Why isn't FS2000 faster?

12.2 Which sliders affect frame rates the most?

12.3 How can frame rates be improved?

12.4 Can color mode affect frame rates?

12.5 Color mode vs. frame rates

12.6 Hints for better frame rates.

12.7 Quick fix for frame rates

12.8 Which sliders affect frame rates the most.

12.9 How do I take screenshots in FS2000?

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