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Thread: A Few New Re-paints

  1. Default A Few New Re-paints

    These are just a few that Ive done. The first two are the Awesome 737 by FFX in Continental and United's Old Colors.
    The last 3 are the Capt Sim 727 in a ficticious line I created
    in tribute to White Star Line........Enjoy, and as always comments welcome!!


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    [font color="red" size="2" face="comic sans MS"]Wow, awesome repaints, and shots there :)

    I love the last shot of the captain sim 727 :)[/font color="red" size="2" face="comic sans MS"][font color="green"]

    [email protected] (add me to MSN if you want)

    Aled, Wales, UK :-wave

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    Thanx Aled.....

    The 727 is White Star Airlines (ficticious of course) , But I like the livery so much I think I'll create a whole fleet of them and maybe some Murals on the wde bodies.



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    I think the Meljet 777 and 747 are next....This livery is really growing on me :)

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