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Thread: Aviation Humor Post.

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    Default Aviation Humor Post.

    [font size="2" color="#000000"]Howdy Guys..

    If you have any aviation humor, please feel free to post them here, i think its about time we had a good laugh! :-lol

    heres mine!

    keep them coming!![/font]

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    Default RE: Aviation Humor Post.

    I made this one ;-)

    Oh, and hey guys! Haven't been here in a while.
    We owe it to her.

    KCGX For Life!

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    Default RE: Aviation Humor Post.

    hehehehe, sounds like some instuctors i know!

    [font color= red]Ian Ritchie[/font color= red]

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    Default RE: Aviation Humor Post.

    "N700B, follow the Fokker 3 miles ahead for approach, cleared to land behind the Fokker"

    "Tower, I have been waiting a long time to say this. I've got that Fokker in sight."


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    Default But,

    we must be careful about posting copyrighted material!

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    Default RE: Aviation Humor Post.

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-02 AT 07:50PM (EST)[/font][p]This is a real transmission that I heard on the approach to Hay River, Northwest Territories. There is a CARS there (Commumity Aerodrome Radio Service; read UNICOM), and an ILS approach with a rather humorous Final Approach Fix name:

    (CARS): VDH, you will be number two for landing behind an F28 on five mile final...

    (VDH): Roger, I've got the little Fokker by the BALLS...

    I laughed so hard that I had to hand off control to my buddy in the right seat (BTW, I was in a completely uninvolved aircraft)...

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    Default RE: Aviation Humor Post.

    :-lol :-lol :-lol
    ROFL at Chips, thats priceless!

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    Those are great. i have some REALLY funny ones that are posted in my physics class that are for mechanics of planes but are hillarious..i'll be sure to get some.

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    i will post more when i remmember them

    it is a maintenence log of the complaint and then the solution.

    DME volume is at an unbelieveable volume.

    DME volume set to a more believable level.

    Kinda korny but that is the worse of them all.

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