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Thread: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

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    Default A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    Now the winter is nearly here and the clubhouse is a bit quiet, I thought I would practice a difficult manoeuvre at Emma Field. There is only Fritz watching so here goes :-)
    A tranquil enough scene, with a five knot breeze from the South…Ideal really.
    I’ve got taxy clearance so away we go.
    I’ll go slowly and give him a chance to get clear…hope he is going somewhere else :-roll
    Clear to go…No flap for this take-off as I’ll need the negative lift.
    At 80 knots Pull, Gear and Roll…all at the same time :-roll
    Climbing nicely…I’ll ask for a Full Stop Landing.
    O.K. I’m cleared for a Right Pattern.
    Inverted climbing turn onto the downwind leg…It’s very easy to turn the wrong way :-hmmm
    Great…There’s my clearance to land.
    Time to extend the wheels.
    On the inverted final turn…Can’t use flap at this stage because I need the negative lift. The smoke from the clubhouse is a useful guide to getting lined up. I’m a bit low here so increasing the power a bit.
    …and select full flap, all at the same time :-eek
    Cleared the trees but…
    …I’m off line…careful with the windsock :-roll
    I’ll be lucky to touch on the runway :-(
    A bit untidy…I’ll have to practice :-)

    Well, I hope you enjoyed my Inverted Circuit. It is extremely difficult to fly and I’m certainly not happy with it yet. However, you know what they say…”Practice makes perfect”…All I can say is…I’m glad this is only a simulator”.


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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    You continue to amaze me, and I'll stay upright, secure in the knowledge that if I tried that - there wouldn't be any aircraft left!!!


    [font size=1]
    1.) We design for reality, not for idealism.
    Thus, you will not see virtual cabins on our aircraft. You can not see inside the real thing anyway, unless you are looking into the sun. You will find virtual cockpits but they will not be visible from outside for the same reason.
    2.) We design for people with real computers. Thusly, we will not waste polygons on superfluous parts. We will use a texture when there is no noticeable difference between it and a group of performance wasting parts. We will model our aircraft efficiently. If you do not like it, too bad.
    3.) We will give you the latest features, but we WILL NOT sacrifice visual accuracy to implement them. Accuracy comes before eye candy.[/font size]

    My name is Erick Westbrook-Cantu. I used to make flightsim addons. I may or may not endorse this message. I do, however, fully endorse Marshall amplifiers, Gibson guitars, and Tama drums.
    "This town is a dump. I'm never going to Las Vegas again." -Adam Donald Stanger: 1986-2015

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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    Wonderful shots as usual Peter, with a touch of insanity!

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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...


    It may have been hard for you to do, but it was sure fun to watch! I swear I held my breath through the whole post, only realising at the end I'd been doing so!

    Can't wait to see the successful version!

    Chuck :)

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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    >I’m glad this is only a simulator

    So am I Peter! You'd scare me out of my skin otherwise :-eek

    Superb shots as always, I too hold my breath up to the last one :-lol

    All the Best
    Katy Pluta

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    extremely nice, peter! i especiall like the last 6!

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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    Very cool. I dunno how you do that.

    Add 580-odd posts to the current tally...
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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    >they say…”Practice makes perfect”…All I
    >can say is…I’m glad this
    >is only a simulator”.

    All I can say is... I'm glad this wasn't my plane! ;-)


    P.S.: Nice!

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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    Glad you enjoy them Katy...I've had a lot of fun this afternoon, setting up this post. It is very difficult and I had sort of hoped to do it in one (I dreamed up the idea a few days ago). Anyway, it was not to be...I found the positioning on the final turn to be much harder than I expected. I worked away at it and by take four, I was fairly exhausted. Some of the shots (the ones with ATC in them) had to be real time. The landing sequence of shots were from Instant Playback of take can't use pause because the flaps continue down after the P key so each shot of the roll out sequence is from a new run of the Instant Replay repeating sequence.

    Well I suppose it is a bit mad...but I enjoy it :-lol


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    Default RE: A Really Difficult Manoeuvre...

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Nov-27-02 AT 02:56PM (EST)[/font][p]Crazy..(shakes head) ;-) How did you manage to miss the windsock?

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