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Thread: Battlefield 1942 planes

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    Incase anyone hasn't seen these, here are some planes from Battlefield 1942, from EA.

    They fly via mouse control and keyboard, i.e: very challenging, no instrumentation works, and has great (poor) distance visibility - you can't see forever.
    Impressive dirt !
    Nice distance rendering.
    And still I get shot down.

    Today has been one of those days where the weather is terrible, why not spend the afternoon just... playing :-)

    Citivolus periculosus
    (swift flying is hazardous)

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    I was able to keymap my joystick for flyin,the flight characteristics are still arcade like but its much more fun than flying with the mouse...

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    I had tried something similar, but I like to vary my throttle use, esp onbanking turns. Helps me get in behind those players who fly like they're driving a tank... i.e: flat out 100% !

    Great game though, esp online multiplayer...

    Citivolus periculosus
    (swift flying is hazardous)

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    It's amusing to go dogfight with people who got the game becuase it was a good FPS. I haven't lost a single dogfight since I bought the full game. :-lol Shameless boasting!
    David Chapman

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    I have battlefield 1942, and on my pc, it runs very poorly in multiplayer, and almost unplayable in single player. I don't know why...

    here's my specs:

    Windows Xp pro
    AMD Athlon 1.4ghz
    Geforce3 Ti 200
    256mb pc133 ram
    sb live value
    40 gig 7200 rpm hdd
    52x cdrom

    I'm thinking i may need more ram because when i quit windows says "low virtual memory" and so on.. I just got a job so i can make upgrades soon.

    -Brad Thanks for help

    PS i know, this is prolly the wrong forum for this reply ;)

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    Well yes, it is the wrong forum :-)

    Try as they have a few good forums for both tech and game help.

    Check to make sure you're running the latest drivers for everything, no other apps running, perhaps scale things down to 800 x 600 ??

    My XP1700 and Ti4200 (with a magnificient 128mb onboard ram!) card make the game go very very smooth. Add Jetstart and 50 person multi play games become very very challenging.

    Citivolus periculosus
    (swift flying is hazardous)

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