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    Some forum users told us about their experiences flying in or out of Bermuda. Planes catching fire and falling apart and fuel tanks suddenly empty. I had to see this for myself...I planned a flight from Mitchell (nearest on-land airfield, barely long enough runway to take my 737 up in the air :-)) and here is my and shiver! Be warned!

    I thought this whale-like 737 would be the most suitable for the job...

    It took all my strenght to pull out of Mitchell, but I got her airborne! (what else did you expect :-))

    After one hour I reached my destination....Bermuda! My bloodpressure went high...

    Good to know I was not alone out there...

    The sun was sinking in the sea...something I intended NOT to do :-)

    My buddy the TWA-plane I saw before did manage to land it was my turn!

    Almost there...

    Well, not the most award winning touchdown, but hey! I did get her down didn't I?

    So, after taxiing to the parking spot, I shut down the engines and it's fair to say...I was a little bit disappointed! No fireworks, ghostplanes or whatsoever! BUT...let this be a valuable lesson to all your fellow-simmers out there afraid of flying to Bermuda....just don't be! If anything bad happens on your flight you probably need a new computer :-)

    Sure you are welcome to proof me wrong...

    Third Officer

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    I think Shamu made Southwest famous. I see other nice planes in there too. Very nice work.

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    Yes, everything seemed normal, until you realised all of your passengers were missing. :-lol

    - Matthew Whittaker

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    Where did you get that FedEX Cessna Grand Caravan Repaint?

    My Computer is too much to mention cause of Dumb Rules.

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    Thx guys :-)

    I don't know where I D/L this FedEx plane,
    but if you want it leave me a message and I will mail it to you!

    Third Officer

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