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Thread: New Airbus 340-600 Sample

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    Default New Airbus 340-600 Sample

    From Airbus 340-600

    Beautiful Plane, Handled fairly well. Does Eva Air have these on order? Here is a landing at LAX. The plane comes with an option for a sound pack, and the panel has not been completed yet. The sound leaves something to be desired. Take a look at the length as well. Engines are done well. Anyway, here is a quick peek at the plane. I'd reccomend getting it.


    the plane seems to be a bit longer in real life, what do you think?

    few feet from touchdown at 7L

    close up of engine and tires at touchdown. fairly detailed :)

    reverse thrusts on as the tower is passed

    parked at the gate at international terminal 6

    overview at gate

    i'd enjoy hearing what you all think about the plane. ratings etc. i need to go and find an icon for myself..thanks-JASON

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    [font size="2" color="#000099"]Evening Jason..

    I beleive Eva Air, only operates 747-300's and DC10 and a Leased MD11.. and a 767. But saying that i could be totally wrong, but ive never heared of or seen a Eva A340 of any type. Maybe someone can tell ya better then me, interesting to find a result though..[/font]

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    i tested out the A346 to as u might noted :P well i didnt like the aircraft handling so much sounds are okey i guess but could be better but i also know its hard to find realistic sounds cuz its kinda new and stuff.I also noted that the fan blades didnt rotate when full power or like 93% n1 was draged up hehe i was fairly disapointed with that to.Otherwishe i nice aircraft and extirior really sweet i would give it a 3 starts or maybe 3 and a half.

    regards:flight :-wave

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    Yeah - good recordings are few and far between on the -600.

    At least! I can say they mostly came from the -600 - make sure toi spool up nice and slow, they'll sound better. Visit and you'll hear what I mean.


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    Default RE: New Airbus 340-600 Sample

    Very long looking a/c. :D Nice pics.

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