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Thread: Can you create your own AI traffic?

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    cm3web Guest

    Default Can you create your own AI traffic?

    Is it possible to create AI traffic in your own desired livery? For example, if I wanted to taxi behind a British Airways jet, could I export a livery to FS2002 and use it?

    Or in short: can the AI Traffic liveries be edited?


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    mhodgson Guest

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    you can download 737-400, 777-200 and 747-400 replacement liveries for the default jets from avs!m. The 737 has Continental, American and Delta liveries, the 777 has British airways, Cathay pacific and United, and the 747 has KLM, Lufthansa and Northwest. Also, have just added a few replacement textures for the default jets into their file library. It is not [yet] possible to place 3rd party aircraft into the Flight sim AI world

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    Pilot52 Guest

    Default RE: Can you create your own AI traffic?

    You cannot add your own aircraft into the AI world but since it uses default aircraft, any liveries that you have for those aircraft will appear on AI aircraft.

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    cm3web Guest

    Default RE: Can you create your own AI traffic?

    Many thanks!

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