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Thread: How to get ATC to call Concorde .. "Concorde" !

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    acornick Guest

    Default How to get ATC to call Concorde .. "Concorde" !

    I have found a way of getting ATC to identify third party aircraft,by their type as well as their call sign. thanks to "a1cpilot" for putting me on the right track. Here's how. The ui_ section of the aircraft.cfg file lets the sim identify the manifacturer, type and variation in the initial aircraft selection screen ( no more unspecified). The atc_ part of the [fltsim.0] section gives ATC your planes callsign and flight number, thus Concorde becomes "Speedbird 1".

    To get ATC to call your plane Concorde or Grumman F14 you need to enter the details in the [General] section, not the [fltsim.0] bit. As follows



    ui_variation=British Airways

    atc_airline=Speed bird



    This set up means that when you change controllers or get in the way of another aircraft on taxi ATC calls the following:-

    Rome center, Speed Bird 1 is type Concorde, request flight following.

    For some planes there is only a type, Concorde, Sopwith and Schwiezer for example. Wheras others have different details for both. for example ATC will call the following Lockheed f16.


    If these details are not put into the [General] section ATC calls your plane "experimental".

    The atc_model line is a code, and it is not always obvious what it will be. For example 747-400 is "b744". It would be great if someone could produce a list of these codes. What for example is Sr-71a. I have tried SR71a, SR71 S71 ........

    Anyway, I hope this helps and I'll stop going on about Concorde now !!!

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    Whiteman Guest

    Default RE: How to get ATC to call Concorde .. "Concorde" !

    The full list is in the FS2002 Tips (Banner link at the top of the page) under the ATC section.


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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-02 AT 07:50PM (EDT)[/font][p]Here is a Format you Can try and this is the way it works for me:

    title=BAe Concorde (New colours)


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    Hey, no problem with the help. I'm glad that my post was of some help to you. If I get some free time I will sit down and figure out what other codes/names that can be used to make ATC recognize the type of aircraft you are flying. This may take some time but I will post it here when I get it. So far I have only found that the airbuss and boeing are straight forward, the rest will just have to be done by trial and error. Give me time and I will post it here.
    Did you use the aircraft editor or did you do it through the .cfg file? Ithink I am going to use the aircraft editor to get this done I find it faster and probably easier. :D

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