Yes, I know there are already a bunch... doesn't mean I can't make another one though. :)

This is an OLD bitmap (from FS98, I think) which was redone my Marcello Lugari for an FS98/2000 panel, and I have now taken this bitmap and created an all new DHC-6 panel for FS2002. The bitmap has been extremely reworked, adding gradients, cleaning up the loose 0,0,1 pixels, and creating placeholders for all the gauges, to eliminate the jaggies.

The difference between this panel and the other great DHC-6 panels out there, is that it is not as "realistically" accurate as them. It is more of a very functional panel, which has a DHC-6 "feel". It has ACS-GPS, FSNav buttons, a couple of digital readouts, fuel status gauge, etc. So, as you can see, it is not a "true" representation of a DHC-6. That wasn't what I was going for. :)

Yes, the collins radios work just fine, and have working standby frequencies. You need to set your aircraft.cfg file to show as radios NOT having standby, and then that allows these radios to use it's own built in standby mode. (HGHB radios).

The flap indicator nees to be replaced with another one, as that one a PSS gauge, and not re-distributable.