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Thread: I know this is way off topic but I got a question

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    Default I know this is way off topic but I got a question

    Hey Every1
    I was just wonderin what sports yall like, NE1 play paintball?? I do. If you do what equipment?? Just got back from playing. Hit in the leg 3 times. YEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    So if ya don't mind tellin let me know!
    P.S. please don't get mad at me cus I'd like to know what sports everyone is interester in. :-)

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    Default RE: I know this is way off topic but I got a question

    Hi,,, ive only been paintballin once but it was great. First hit was in the left arm...I was surrounded by two guys and had some sorta wood pile in front of me and was crawling back and forth to dodge em and the guy behind me started shootin and hit my foot and back of my head(OOOOOWWWWW!) We were usin the pump action guns, how are autos if you tried em?
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    Default RE: I know this is way off topic but I got a question

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-24-02 AT 09:59PM (EDT)[/font][p]hey,
    I tried one auto one time. really cool marker or gun which ever you prefer. Shot 16 balls per second. It was an B2K2 Bushmaster by Indian Creek Design. I have a PMI Trracer, 12OZ C02, and a 200rnd hopper. It's semi-auto. The way I got nailed today was I was playing in the woods and this guy from the other team got bunkered down behind a big pipe. Well I was in the same position about 10-15-20 feet away. He was firin like you wouldn't believe. I just about hit him. But my leg was sticking out and I didn't realize it and he took one shot hit my leg the ref called me out but the other guy didn't hear him so he shot me 2 more times! When I was done I was prettier than a Christmas tree! I had a buncha fun but it sounded like you had just as much fun.

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    Default RE: I know this is way off topic but I got a question

    We had a bunch of guys from work and we did some out door night ball. They had some flood lights on and it was really cool. In the last game we had the owner kill all the lights.(he thought we were nuts) It was a get rid of all your amo type game. We hid out (5 of us) and waited untill they came lookin for us. One poor guy happened to come along and all 5 of us opened up on him. You couldn't see a thing . We saw a silhouette and let him have it. He tried to drop on the ground to be missed but was getting pounded (We didn't know he dropped to the ground at the time) but we knew we were hitting something cause he was screaming like a baby. We were laughing so hard we were useless. It was a good time.
    Here is the sport I am in to (if you can call it a sport)Mine is the pink color the blue is my brothers

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