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Thread: The FS2002 poem.

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    Default The FS2002 poem.

    As I was learning to fly the helicopter, this is what went through my mind, so I made a poem. Here it is:

    Since I was a kid,
    Wandering and exploring,
    I always wanted to discover new places on earth.
    I sat in planes and helicopters,
    I made paper airplanes,
    But I just couldn't get ahead.
    Then later I made a paper wing,
    At about age five,
    I wanted to get ahead,
    but I just couldn't fly.
    I watched the birds,
    flapping and singing,
    I needed lift,
    that was all I was thinking.
    Planes in the air,
    birds in the sky,
    I wanted to fly,
    I don't know why,
    but I wanted to fly.
    Today this morning,
    I went down and played,
    good 'ol FS2002,
    I knew that I would get ahead some day,
    don't ask me why,
    I just knew.

    KCGX For Life!

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    Thats nice, you a Professional????

    :-wave :-wave :-wave :-wave

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    Default RE: The FS2002 poem.

    Nope. That was my first poem that ANYBODY'S ever seen! I wrote poems that made no sense when I was little. I used to think poems were just rhyming phrases.

    KCGX For Life!

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    Well I think its nice

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    Default RE: The FS2002 poem.

    KCGX For Life!

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    Ikarusina Guest

    Default RE: The FS2002 poem.

    Ahhwww! Yeah… Hey, LVBer – that’s very nice! :-)

    Lovely poem – and meaningful… Thanks for sharing it, glad you did…
    Too-often people are too-bashful about sharing poems and it’s such a shame.

    I like this one - :-)
    Very good…

    Nice SS of the Bell, too! :-)


    - Tia

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    Odyssey Hellenic Air Tours

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    Default RE: The FS2002 poem.

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-02 AT 02:44PM (EDT)[/font][p]Yeah... I finally learned how to fly the Bell! I love the effects of low altitudes over water and over land. Anyway, thanks for you're nice comments!

    KCGX For Life!

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