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    Dave_West Guest

    Default EDDW - EGLL A300-600R

    ...don't ask me why, I just did!

    Hi all,

    My Christian friends are having a big party tonight, for some strange reason. Being a good Pagan, I felt honor-bound to join them in their revelry. They were, as usual, the perfect hosts. That was, of course, until the clock stroke twelve. Thence they turned into a drunken 'pop concert', the like of which I have not witnessed since the Solstice of 1998! (You know, the one with Bono). But I digress.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, and not wanting to belittle the majority of our kinsfolk, I have decided to post (in way of celebration) a short account of my flight last Monday, from Bremen to London.

    I would love, like Kia, to regale you of the wonders and purpose of my journey, but alas, I am no scribe.

    Basically, I taxied out to the runway with as little fuel as I could carry. I stuffed on as much power as I could muster, and climbed like my life depended on it. Because, basically, it did! Anyway, as you can witness, I triumphed! From here on in, it was going to be easy cruising.

    In Deutsche, eine Reise von Bremen zur Dummes Land!

    Bremen, so sad to leave, but I felt I had to sooner or later.

    Goodbye Chaps, thanks for the beers! :-wave
    Fairwell, meine Feuersevicefreunde. Ich vergesse nie Ihre Töchter.! :-wave

    On the threshold, everything is ready.
    So am Ende der Laufbahn, ist alles in Dortmund! :-lol


    Climb, Baby climb.
    Aufstieg, Baby, aufstieg.

    At last, we are on our way, to the land of the great.
    Und so sind wir auf unserer Weise, zum Land vom arroganten.

    Ladiesh and Gentlemen. We have reached our crushing altitude of shirtyone shousand feet. If you will look out of the left window, you will she she airport of Schipohl in Amshterdam, for shure!

    Obligatory contrail shot.

    Obligatory ‘Into the Sun’ shot.

    English coast, Thames esturary, clouds’n’stuff.

    Sightseeing tour, so the Americans don’t feel left out :-)
    St Pauls Cathedral

    Houses of Parliment & Big Ben (Kinda topical)

    The approach
    Mein Gott, dieses ist eine Scheißeannäherung zur Laufbahn.

    What a great landing!
    Ich habe in meiner Hose Gescheiße!

    On the stand, surrounded by Luftys! :-lol
    So, haben linke Stadt das ganzes Englisch? :-lol

    I hope you enjoyed my trip, and it was a trip!
    Ich hoffe das Lachen, Sie genossen!

    Happy New Year All
    Glückliches Neues Jahr Alles

    Dave West

    Bremen courtesy of Oliver Pabst

    A306 courtesy of Project Airbus

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    Thank you very much for this series. This is probably the best series that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing here on these message boards.

    Don't get me wrong, I've seen many great stories posted - but yours really is one of the tops. Great angles of images, great way to give us all a "taste" of your flight.

    Thank you much, and keep on flying.
    View "The SkyRat Collection" at

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    :-lol :-lol :-lol
    OMG, you really cracked me up on that one! ;-) Too bad for those people who won't be able to get that added little touch... Well, I knew these German classes back in high school would have to pay off, one day or the other... Tell me, what was the landing really like? ;-)

    Great way to wake up, all too late, on the day of the year when the majority of the earth's population... maybe aren't feeling too well... :-lol

    And that aside, those are some really magnificent shots you have there... The atmosphere, the angles, the light, the little details that make you keep want to looking at them, despite the fact that this forum is totally swamped with beautiful shots this morning... Sehr Schön, is all I can say!

    Keep them coming, and a Happy New Year to you too...


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    Default RE: EDDW - EGLL A300-600R

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-01-02 AT 11:59AM (EDT)[/font][p]Hi Dave,

    Happy New Year to you, too. Great pics. By the way, did you use an automatic translation program for German? As I am German I really couldn´t understand everything of what was translated...

    Nevertheless, keep on flying and posting pics like these.

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    Dave_West Guest

    Default RE: EDDW - EGLL A300-600R

    Thanks Guys, glad you liked them. I think the one over EHAM is one of my favourites. I was really surprised with the level of detail FS2002 shows from 31,000ft. It looks just about right IMHO.

    Mike, I'm ashamed to sat that, despite living in Germany for a few years, I did have to use a Babel Fish for alot of the phrases. I'm not sure if the phrase Alles in Dortmund is universal, but it usually got a laugh in Nieder Sachsen.


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    Those shots are so real looking. Thanks for telling us where you got the aircraft. Im downloading it right now.


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    737pilot Guest

    Default RE: EDDW - EGLL A300-600R

    Hi all,

    Great shots and that´s also great plane! :-)

    Thanks for posting em, they are really very nice.


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    Dave_West Guest

    Default RE: EDDW - EGLL A300-600R

    Glad you like it Scott, it's one of my favourites. I only wish I had a decent panel for it. I'm sure I'll find one soon.


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    Default RE: EDDW - EGLL A300-600R

    Dave, as take a 'mean' picture!! Love 'em.

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