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Thread: Nuke bomb for CFS3

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    Does anyone know where to find an airplane on CFS3 capable of using a nuclear wepon, or a nuclear wepon add-on to be used by the other aircraft?, Maybe a B-29 or a B-52 add on with NUKE for CFS3 ?????

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    Right, you're clearly in need of help, and I'm not sure I mean with the game.....
    There are no planes, that I am aware of that are larger than those which come as standard - no Lancasters, Wellingtons, B-17's, 29's, and no German heavier aircraft like HE 1-11's. This could be a shortcoming of the game, and as the context is WW2, I don't think it unreasonable that there are no B-52's.
    Anyway, what do you want a nuke for? Surely instant total annihilation of the enemy would render your game complete in about 30 nanoseconds?
    I think you need to rethink this one.....

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    There are lancasters, and even the model that has the Grand Slam, there is even a B29 that has the fatman and Little boy, so you can nuke to your hearts content. There is also a German nuke called the Virus House.
    There are 234's 162's 152's and Do217 and other variants, you can find all this in Firepower, its an addon for CFS3.

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    There are aircraft(B-29) at /CFS3 downloads library that handle nukes, I have the (B-29) loaded and fly it often..

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