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Thread: Newbie needs help on Missions, Thanks!!

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    Flintcfs Guest

    Default Newbie needs help on Missions, Thanks!!

    While flying the missions training section on destroying the factory with rockets, etc, I can't seem to find the next waypoint. I have a line (waypoint?) that always leads back to the factory. Sometimes I fly around and shoot a tank, convoy line, or locomotive. I usually get a message like "two more goals", and I have no idea how or where to find them. By the time I get through flying around that much, I have usaully taken enough damage to crash or manage to land a crippled plane.
    The mission is suppost to be destroying the factory, and strafing the convoy line, but I'm missing something somewhere.
    Thanks for any help.

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    mrpercy Guest

    Default RE:Mission Goals

    Usually the mission briefing states what the goals are. The goals are often to complete the objective (destroy the factory/ship/armor column), AND make it back to you base.

    A waypoint is a spot on the map used for navigation. The line that connects waypoints together are routes. One waypoint will be the mission objective and the second will be your own base. You can “warp” (X to warp and ctrl+X to get out of warp) to the next waypoint as long as there are no enemy aricraft nearby.

    The missions target is displayed as purple icons on your Tactical Display (shift+T), friendlies are blue and the enemy is red.

    When the “mission objective label” on the target reads 0%, your only job now is to get back to your own base.

    I hope this helps

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    any idea what the altitudes are supposed to be for the waypoints? is there anywhere i can found them? when i warp, it takes me to what i presume to be the correct waypoint, but short of learning them all by rote through doing that, I'm a bit stumped. any help appreciated.

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    I suppose you have long ago found the answer but for other newbies:

    I ran into this, too. I don't recall where, but I stumbled across the answer official answer in the documentation: "Loiter for 5 minutes."

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