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    This question is valid in multiple forums.

    I am trying to set up three fresnel lenses used in connection with the TH2GO. In theory, it should be possible to line the lenses up to provide a nearly seamless view across all three screens. My question is what is a general rule of thumb to use when deciding on a depth for a hood/box over the lenses and at what angle the two outside monitors/lenses should be in reference to the center monitor/lense?

    Should each lense have a complete seperate box, or just one big box containing all three monitors/lenses with no dividers between the induvidual monitors?

    Thanks for any advice or critisism.


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    Hi TNTom,
    I am running 3 frensnel lenses with 3 19" monitors with a TH2go with a view to incorporating them into some kind of enclosure for a cockpit, but so far I just have them on my desk roughly lined up and I have got used to the effect which although basic is pretty good.
    My idea was to experiment with positions with lenses and monitors with the viewer at the center until I was happy with the effect then take measurements and build from there,I think the only general rule is the further the lens from the monitor the greater the magnification,I have my lenses about a foot from each monitor and I am about 3 feet from the lenses the effect is pretty good and the feeling of immersion is quite convincing.

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    Thanks for your response. Looks like you have a similar idea.

    Are your three monitors seperated or butted against each other?

    Are you using a hood or box around the lenses?

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    I've always been interested in trying these lenses. Where's the best place to buy them here in the states? (using 24" dell monitor for VC -19" dell for gauges) I've read where the thickness determines the quality of the lens, can anyone point me to some websites for more info on the Fresnal for use specifically in simming? Thanks.

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    At the moment the monitors are on my desk about 6" apart and at opposite angles from each other, the middle one is straight the left and right are about 45 degrees in so each monitor is facing my viewpoint in the centre,there is no hood or any separation panel but if I were to biuld it into a cockpit I would constuct some kind of boxing for them.I bought the lenses from, which is a UK based heathcare site,the lenses are originally designed for TVs for people with poor eyesite,allthough they say they are not recommended for monitors I have had no problem at all with them,they retail for about 50 pounds each so about $100.
    I am now looking into the new vuzix unit which is advertised on pilotshop to see if that will give a better feeling of "immersion" into The flightsim world but would like to see some reviews before parting with hard earned cash.
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