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Thread: FSUIPC for FSX

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    First of all Thanks again to you Noell for your advice and feedback on my new system, its screaming....Is FSUIPC payware a big help for FSX as it was in FS9? will the payware need; Pilot in command 737, PMDG etc.... Larry.....

    Intel Core2Duo E6700 upgraded the fan to ZalmanCNPS9700nt
    [email protected] 4MB Cache
    EVGA nforce 680i SLI 775
    nf-68AI Q2C SLI
    2xgblan;8ch audio;2x1394
    2 (x16)PCIE;1PCIE;2PCI
    320GB Sata hard drive
    sst 850 power supply
    Samsung 20.1 LCD
    4gigs corsair-6400C5DHX
    EVGA 8800 GTX 768MB
    XP OS
    Antec 900 case with extra fans

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    I'm glad you are pleased with your new system and I'm pleased you found my input useful. As for FSUIPC, as I understand it (and as explained in the documentation provided with the latest version for FSX), if you buy the registration you enable features similar to those provided when registration was purchased for FS9. PIC 737, PMDG737 are not yet available for FSX so I don't know if FSUIPC will be required for those. FWIW, I have the Captain Sim 757 for FSX and the Level-D 767 for FSX. Neither of those require a registered version of FSUIPC.


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    Thanks again my friend.....larry

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