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Thread: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

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    Default Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

    I'm stunned to learn that not only Win 98, SE, and ME are no longer able to access the Windows Update web page, but today a techie told me that Win 2000 can not access it either!!! Major bummer!

    For those of us who are still enthusiasts for the old OS's, is there any easy way to update these OS's with hotfixes and other updates? It was really very nice to be able to have the OS scanned then automatically updated. Recently my first manual installation of Win 98SE took me five days because of tracking down hotfixes and updates, and so far I've only tracked down half of these updates. Then my 2nd 98SE computer got a bug and I had to reinstall 98SE on that computer also, this time w/ dialup it only took me 27 hours, then somewho both of these computers were able to access the Win Update page that one day, so got my updates, wow what a relief. Then I purchased 98 first edition for my 486, it's not easy installing 98 on such an old computer because the slow speed of the optical drive etc causes file corruption so it has to be started over and over until it's good (so far about four installation attempts, this last one seems ok I think). Possibly I have about 40% of the updates for that computer.

    I think I'm going to get Linux and try to do some dual boots. I prefer to take my junk silicon and software onto the internet and reserve the good stuff for my flight simulators. I think Linux is a good choice for ordinary stuff like the internet, and Office, maybe photoediting, but I try to keep my good equipment off the internet and busy running flight simulators.

    I heard that Windows Vienna is coming out in 2009, does anyone know what it's going to be like? And it sounds like the secret Cloud OS, I'm guessing is going to be geared toward parallel processing. MJ Foley over at assures us that XP is going to be around well into 2011 to 2015. I guess that's good news, it's a nice OS, and should remain on the Win Update page through that time period, but based on what happened with Win 2000, when XP is dropped, that will be it for XP and the Win Update page. It was a major shock to learn that Win 2000 can not access the Win Update page, so that very much reaffirms my belief that when XP is discontinued, that it will also be taken off the Win Update page. Manually updating XP would be a daunting task. And you'd need the WGA regardless.

    What's a user to do?

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    Default RE: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

    "What's a user to do?"

    Use DOS?? JK!!

    Edit: I would get all the files in one place and start to burn them onto CDs.

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    Default RE: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

    Thanks Jim,

    I have used these old OS's really a lot. At first I didn't like them because they were so plain (after installing flight sims on them they were very...plane...ha ha!), and seemed clunky and unstable. But then with fresh reinstalls I was really impressed at how well/fast they run, and they are very stable, and on my 486 98 is flat out superior. Then while I like XP, the older OS's actually seem faster especially on old hardware. But XP is so nice, that it seems like it should be reserved for flight sims only.

    You won't believe what I did with my OEM Win 2000 Pro main disk, I was considering installing it when I noticed a small piece of gunk on the top surface of the disk. I tried to carefully remove the gunk, when, a big chunk of the data layer came off on the inner diameter of the disk. It's inert. The OEM supplier said if I send them money, they will send me whatever they will send me. Okey dokey.

    I didn't want to get Firefox as my browser, however, even though I have IE6 on my older OS computers, the old OS blocks me from getting IE6's new updates; also I think that the newest IE6 patches might be geared toward XP, so I wonder if they will work with 98, SE, or ME.

    It's not completely appropriate to get XP for my older computers, some do not even have large enough HDD's for it plus XP would actually slow them down. But they do what I need them to do, mostly running my flight simulators, Fly!2K (have 2, 2 installed), FS98 (have four, one installed), FS2000, FS2002 (so far have 2, 2 installed), then use XP for FS9 (one installed, have two, want five more).

    For faster computers XP plus flight simulator seems to be a good choice, possibly, because XP will be on the Win Update page until 2011 or 2015 possibly, that's OK for fast computers, but it's still a big investment so Vista is tempting because it will be around longer.

    As you know, for FSX, to max it out, it needs Vista, DX10, and very very fast hardware, not just fast, very very fast screaming hardware.

    I hope that MS reduces the sensitivity of FSX's activation programming, because I'm reluctant to get it if I'm going to have to reactivate frequently. When I'm trying to prepare a computer for a flight simulator, I change the hardware on it over and over and over, possibly I could make as many as 15 changes in one day, and thus far I've been successful, making a purse out of a sow's ear many times. My nicest FS2002 computer a few months ago was dug out from under a pile of junk and everything was covered in cement dust. Additionally, it was really dirty inside and out, and the original owner was a smoker. I took it completely apart, including the power supply even cleaned that inside and out. I took spare parts I had laying around and upgraded absolutely everything except for the original master HDD, the floppy, and power supply. I got a new 98SE for it, plus FS2002 (bought two), now it gets really good framerates, and looks almost as nice as FS9. That was my first manual installation of 98SE, I had to reinstall it about five times to get it right (right now it is not accepting one hotfix, so I'm tempted to start over again), then getting half of the updates took me about five days. Then for some reason or other the Win Update page became accessible again for that day and got my updates except for that one hotfix. Except for antivirus etc updates, I keep that computer off the internet. At least I keep FS8 on the slave drive so that if I have to reinstall 98SE then I can do that without wasting all the work done on the flight sim.

    As for Linux, I try to keep my computers internet ready in case of an emergency etc (my 486 saved a man's life 2000 miles away), so I'm going to see what I can do about dual booting with possibly Ubuntu, Gentoo is the hotrod Linux which you can (arduously) configure exactly to your hardware thereby maximising speed (might try that with X-Plane 8.5 or 9.0), Mandriva is interesting, there's a free version, then there's a payware version which can run some Windows games (they haven't tried flight sim with it), and it has a Gollywood licensed media player that will play regular DVD's legally. I'm not sure about Freespire, I understand it has many licensed products in it, and after a while of signing licenses all day long it gets a little tiring.

    A Mac Pro can be really expensive, I'm guessing the low end is around $2K to 2.5K, the top end is around $16,XXX! Can you imagine paying $16,000 for a computer? I could buy a Corvette instead, my neighbor has one for sale for $15,000! But Macs are nice. On the other hand I have to adhere to my current budget which is not much, I'm constantly shopping for hardware and even software also, just bought an upgrade chip for that FS8 #2 computer I mentioned above. Tomorrow, hopefully one of my buddies will help me out with my Gigabyte board and possibly I can get a fast (not screaming fast!) computer going to run my 2nd unit of FS9, possibly X-Plane 9.0, and it is in the ballpark of FSX if lots of adjustments are made plus the SP1 for FSX. Of course I would like FSX DLX, I'm a diehard fan of the FS series, but it's really hard to try to adjust to ultra sensitive activation programming especially because of how often I change my hardware. One of my techie friends tells me that the previous version of Oblivion (never heard of it, I don't think it has wings or RR engines or anything) had product keys for everything, main program, and all the addons, but now the latest version of Oblivion has no security features at all; and Apple has made a deal with EMI for sell their entire catalogue without DRM programming (I have yet to download one single song from any source, I prefer classical music on good old fashioned cd's!), so I hope that the gaming industry might lighten up with security features.

    I've wanted to get Win 2000 I've used it a lot in the past, I thought it was very nice, I wonder if I could handle a manual installation of Win 2000 without the Win Update page.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like XP. I've had old unidentified computer parts in which I could not find the drivers for at all, and all I've had to do is plug it into XP and presto change-o it's operating perfectly with XP. I just want to reserve XP purchases (or Vista, or Vienna) for the best hardware.

    You're a great guy Jim. I really appreciate your enthusiasm.

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    Default RE: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

    Are you sure you can't get into the Windows Update for Windows 2000? I just installed Windows NT 4 (in a virtual machine), Internet Explorer 6 and was able to download all the critical updates available. Most were from 2001/2002 or earlier of course, but they were there.

    Now I'm not sure what to do with this NT install. About the only game I have that ran on it was Starcraft...


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    Default RE: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

    Hi Loki,

    Sorry for the slow reply, as soon as I saw your posting, I immediately got my 486 on the internet, and got onto the Windows Update page just like that! I was way too sleepy to get really excited, but now that I've had a little sleep after staying up very late downloading the updates for my 98 first edition 486, now I'm awake enough to be excited! I don't know if Windows Update for 98, SE, ME, and Win 2000 is intermittant or if MS has given in to requests for it to be turned back on. But I'm sure glad to get my updates. You can't believe how many times I've installed Win 98 first edition and 98SE lately, all with proper licenses etc, that's kinda been one of the goals is to do the housekeeping to have proper installations. Any way, to get these installations installed correctly, in just about all cases I've had to reinstall over and over several to many times before I got them right. Five times on one computer for numerous reasons each time, and I think I've finally got 98 first edition installed on this 486 properly plus all the updates. Well, I'm sure grateful. BTW, I don't have Win 2000 installed on anything right now, a techie told me that his Win 2000 customers had been unable to get onto the Win Update page. I thought that Win 2000 users would really scream bloody murder, as Win 2000 is very excellent, one of my tech friends has extremely good memories of it as he had had a bad installation of Win ME, and he replaced it with Win 2000 and he said the improvement was incredible. I've found that ME has to be updated carefully, as for some reason if you had updated it in chronological order that some of the updates took out my (and others I've heard) video driver, mouse driver, and had lots of blue screens. Perhaps six months or so ago I did a careful reinstall of ME and added the updates in careful layers, and it turned out very good, I haven't had any blue screens at all. I've had a few blue screens with this 98 first edition on my 486, I'm going to have to watch it and see how things turn out. 98SE worked incredibly great on this 486, but this computer is so old that it won't run DX9 or WMP9 as the hardware is not modern enough; I needed that 98SE for a better computer any way, so purchased Win 98 first edition for this 486, I'll see how it goes, hopefully I won't have to reinstall again.

    I took a look at Firefox v2, it's interesting, IE7 won't run on my DOS based OS's, I haven't checked the requirements for Firefox yet.

    It was really disconcerting to be locked out of the Windows Update page, especially when all of a sudden I needed to reinstall these old Win programs on several computers, not only to correct corruptions etc, but ironically because I needed to do proper housekeeping.

    One of my friends might give me his old NT 4, either that or possibly I might already have it in the disks he's already given me, haven't looked through them. I do have I think three Win 95's, and Win 3.1 is running on an old laptop. NT 4 sounds interesting, might be a good choice for this 486, as long as I can put an unlimited browser on it if I do try doing that. It's really exciting that you were able to get updates for it from the Win Update page.

    I have some old ancient video cards, some so old that they have barnacles growing on them, but those video card manufacturers still have the drivers for them for the old OS's and the new ones also. That is what you call NICE! I was in a state of shock when MS locked us out of these discontinued OS's from the Win Update page. The Win Update page was a very strong reason I was interested in getting future current OS's from MS. How is it going to make me feel if I spend a lot of money on an MS OS only to have the Win Updates shut down for that OS in the not too distant future? This shutdown of the old Win OS's from Win Update was a real shock, and greatly reduced my confidence in MS products. I hope that MS continues to allow updates for the older OS's.

    Boy, Vista has one controversial feature after another. But I'm a diehard fan of the MS Flight Simulator series. I think if I get Vista to take advantage of DX10, I might not get Ultimate possibly, as it is just too expensive, I've heard that Premium standalone retail I think it's called might be good enough, if all I'm going to use it for is Flight Simulator. I might switch to Linux or Apple for the internet and office work. I was a dedicated MS fan for many years even before I got my first computer, but it almost seems like MS has been under new management or something, because they have had so many controversial unfriendly policies, that almost seem to be a beat down of their customers with big brother aspects. This directly had the effect of motivating my research into Linux, and renewing my interest in Apple products. At least in my case, I don't think that unfriendly and beatdown policies have worked on me, I've searched for alternatives, and MS has lost a great deal of my confidence. Possibly the only thing I really want from MS is Flight Simulator.

    I wonder what Vienna is going to be like, I've heard it's going to be out in 2009. I hope it's not going to have disappointing controversial features.

    Thanks once again for alerting me that the Windows Update page was running again for the older Win OS's. I wish you could have seen that "Thanks" page when older Win OS customers tried to log onto the Win Update page. "Thanks for your interest in getting updates from this website, but this website is only geared to provide updates for Windows programs"? (Paraphrasing.) And my Intel and AMD computers are "Macs"? Wow, what a shock! And a scare too! I have one version of Ubuntu on a disk, but haven't checked to see what version it is. I might have a small HDD to try it out on. Onward and upward! Have a great day.

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    Default RE: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!


    You may want to see and also check the Lifecycle FAQ link on that page.

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    Default RE: Windows Update GONE for Win 98, SE, ME, and 2000!!!

    Thanks jb. It's kinda scary that XP is set to retire 2009. As I was saying one of my tech friends said that his customers recently were saying that they could not get on Win Update for Win 2000, but now I've been able to get 98 and 98SE on Win Update so I wonder if MS had a change of heart??? For dedicated XP users, I think it would be semi-cataclysmic if XP users could not get on Win Update after support for XP is dropped.

    MS has a Win 98 webpage with a list of their hotfixes and updates, but it is very abbreviated. When I was getting these updates, I got everything off of the Win 98 page, and basically all of the easily accessible hotfixes I could individually. But many were linked to the Win Update page, so being locked out of the Win Update page you could not get them, they could not be downloaded individually, unless you get an ftp program and download it/them from the ftp MS website. I've never done ftp, I've heard that if you do ftp and search for files, that ftp programs work in reverse also, allowing unidentified users on the internet to search for files that could be on your computer? I'm not sure if a music download website or program called Limelight (?) is ftp, but there was a recent case where a bad guy used that program to search for individual files he could use for identity theft. Is that the way ftp programs work also?

    Continuing on the original train of thought, programs that 98, SE, and ME users took for granted DX9 and WMP9 are now only available individually if you have the Windows Genuine Advantage installed, WGA, but I don't think that the WGA even works on 98 thru ME. So without Win Update, an unprepared user could be up a data creek without an I/O program! Flash my bios! Any way, after trying before to manually update my 98SE computer a while ago when I couldn't get on the Win Update page, I was only able to get about half of the updates, downloading everything mentioned above. Then when the Win Update page opened again, despite all my hard work, I was still about 14 or 15 hotfixes short adding up to about 15 mb's of updates which the then opened Win Update page was able to supply for me. I'm sure glad that Win update came back up again. I hope it's going to stay up.

    Any way, in the future what if you were determined to continue using 98SE for example, my guess is that if you want to take it on the internet and still be secure, that you'd have to use Mozilla Firefox as the browser for better security, because IE7 does not work on 98, SE, or ME, might not work on Win 2000 I can't remember. Then, you could install a couple of firewalls, one or two antivirus programs, a couple of antispyware programs, then most importantly perhaps, use a router with a hardware firewall. What do you guys think of that formula? I'm considering Linux or a Mac (one OSX 10.4 pro user tells me that he's never even had an antivirus program on his computer, and he has yet to have a virus--SEVEN malware internet threats to OSX 10.4, to expand my computing capabilities, but I have friends who swear by 98SE and won't use anything else. Myself, I like 98SE very much. I've used 98 and ME a lot also. I might have enough parts to build another internet computer and possibly try out Ubuntu, but I'm not sure if I have enough HDD space for it, have to look into it more. And, I might not have a momentary switch for it, perhaps I'll have to wait a little longer.

    Thanks very much for everyone's help.

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