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Thread: Deleting MS Default Files

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    Can I remove the default MS 747, 777, 737, and helicopter with no problems with FS or any FS add-ons such as DF727 and PMDG?
    I assume files such as lessons, etc can be removed. Idea is put them in a temp file on the storage (D) drive.
    Thanks, louross.

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    Yes, you an remove them, but why bother with this?

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    Maybe...I know if you try to load a flight say a lesson will not work too well cause the "aircraft initialization" will fail because that particular flight is looking for the C172 file etc..

    Own risk I guess.

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    Hey louross,
    A couple of suggestions..
    1) Get FSMANAGER (freeware), so you can Hanger these planes (or any planes) outside the sim in case you ever want them back in a hurry.

    2) Make sure you save a flight as your default with another plane first before removing the defaults, or things may get confusing for the sim

    3) don't delete the gauges out of the gauges folder, as some other planes refer to them heavily....

    4) you can look at for an efficient way to do this also!!

    Neil :7

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    Okay, I appreciate all your responses.

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