here's what happened; when in VC the "windows header" will not appear when hitting "alt" key. the "ding" sound is heard and the cursor appears but i don't have the bar from which you can select aircraft/ weather etc. also, the "shift+" [take your pick here], to show gps panel, etc., dosen't work, UNLESS i "alt=enter" to windowed view, then any views i may have been trying to see are all there. it's as if the "full" view is "on top" of the rest. this started after i set the AGP from auto to 4x and apture to 128. i've returned to the original settings by now. the cards a gf4mx440 running 29.43's. done well with them, before this so i've ruled them out. i've tried reverting to different FS2002.cfg's with no effect. is there a setting key combo i may have hit to cause the full screen to "stay on top" of the rest?
FS2k2\winXPhome/asus a7v8x/athalon xp2400+/1.25GbRAM/266bus/PCI512sound/; this set up has worked well for almost a year as is, the only overclocking i do is with riva tuner bringing the core speed from 270 to 305 and memory clock from 405 to 430. well within the "safe" range. and this also is a "standard" set up for my "flights". any clues will be appreciated. tt