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    I decided to complete the flying lessons offered in fs2004.

    Concerning the checkride; after I level off at 2000 ft I start my 90degree steep left turn.

    I always fail the checkride with the "Turn was too shallow" . I have attempted this turn at 45,55, and 59degrees and get the same computer response.

    Is there anyway to work around this, or is there a fix or update I can download, or will I never proceed beyond this point??

    Thanks for any assistance or info on this problem.

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    I think this a bug within FS9. You tried upgrading to FS9.1?

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    Default RE: Private Pilot Checkride


    Thanks for the info, I will look for the upgrade.

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    I do have the recent upgrade but the bug was not fixed by 9.1......

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    Default RE: Private Pilot Checkride

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    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the info but I tried again at 45 degrees and stayed within AS and ALT requirements but still failed due to "Turn was too shallow"

    Is there any way to get around this? Also I never did find the right link to get to your info on passing the checkride..

    Is there any way to get around this portion and complete the checkride?



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    Good news; I finally passed the checkride; there was conflicting info that led me to believe that the first turn after leveloff was a steep turn; it wasen't, it was a standard turn to 90 degrees and then I had to make a 360 degree turn.

    For all readers info if you fly at 1/2 speed you will be able to better control the aircraft in the turn and then when you head to Tacoma-Narrows go back to normal speed.


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    Thumbs up Private Pilot Ckeckride Steep Turn Problem

    I think I have solved the problem that I and others were having in getting past the "Steep Turn to a heading of 090" after climbing to 2000 ft on runway heading.

    The instructions she gives you prior to takeoff are wrong. You do not make a steep turn to 090. Instead, you make a NORMAL turn (using 20 degrees of bank) to 090. Then comes the 360 degree steep turn using 45-50 degrees of bank.

    If you read the .abl file (FS9/lessons/privatepilotcheckride.abl) you will see that the checkride is structured (listed as "cases") for a takeoff & climb to 2000 on R/W hdg, a NORMAL turn to 090, a 360 deg steep turn, a turn to 110 deg to the airport, a downwind entry & landing on R/W 36 at Tacoma Narrows.

    This checkride is a piece of cake now!

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    Actually, the instructions she (the CFI) gives you in the beginning are not wrong. She is merely going over what maneuvers will be required to pass the check ride. You're assuming that all the maneuvers are in the sequence that she is stating them before takeoff. I have to agree, in a sense, that she should not have used the word "next" in the briefing.

    Rod never explains, in the FS practice sessions, that before performing any practice maneuvers you should always make a “clearing turn.” A clearing turn is a 90 degree turn required to check for other aircraft in the area, especially ones that could be behind you. The second logical reason for making the 90 degree turn, in this case, is that you would never perform any " radical maneuvers", such as the 360 degree steep turn, stalls, S turns, or any other extreme changes in azimuth or altitude after taking off and while still on the RW heading. If there were an aircraft following you on take-off and you performed a 360 degree steep, guess what could happen?

    PS: I’ve heard where some instructors say you should make a 360 degree clearing turn, however my instructor said that was defeating the purpose.
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