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    I attempted looking for some of the bridges that was supposed to be updated after installing the FS9.1 update and didn't find a few. As a result, I uninstalled the update and tried to reinstall. Unfortunately, I keep getting a message advising that it is already installed and the program is ending. When I checked the version, it states version 9.

    What would I need to do in order to make this work?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Good question, I suppose the update installer checks for the presence of some file or folder to determine if you already have it installed, the question is which one? I'd check if there's still an "FS9UpdateUninstall.exe" or "FS9UpdateReadme.rtf" in the Flight Simulator 9 root folder and delete them if found. Next delete the "Flight Simulator 9\BACKUP" folder and it's contents, and last right click fs9.exe itself, select "Properties" and check the version number. If it still says (it probably won't) delete it too and replace it with the one on your install disk #1, it'll be in the "GAME" folder on the CD.

    Beyond that, there's the scenery files themselves that the update modifies, but I don't know their exact filenames. There could also be a registry key that the update installer is checking, but I don't think so. Try running the update installer after doing the above and see if it will install, if not you'll probably have to uninstall FS9, delete all associated folders and start over.

    To see the bridges you probably only needed to turn your scenery complexity up to "Extremely Dense".


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    THANK YOU!!! It was the backup file that contained the source file that would not allow me to reinstall. I cleared it and was able to reinstall it. Thanks again!

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    Glad it worked out for you :) .


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    I have been seeing this FS9.1 update. Where can the update be obtained?

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    I'm told that all but the earliest releases of FS9 include the 9.1 update on the install disks, so depending on how long you've owned your disks, you may already have the update. I don't know how that works, if an installation of FS9 automatically installs the patch or if you have to patch it manually by running the update installer from the disks. If you're sure you're running the 9.0 unpatched version you can get the update here:

    No harm in downloading and running it one way or the other though, It'll either install or tell you that you already have it and quit.


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    I figured out why I couldn't see the Oresund Bridge in Denmark. There was a conflict with a previously installed scenery (Denmark Copenhagen City Scenery 3.0). Once I removed the scenery, I was able to see the bridge.

    Thanks again for all of your assistance!

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    Ahhh, yeah that would do it. I should go have a look at that bridge myself. I think I saw a documentary on the building of that bridge on the Science Channel at one time, it was awesome. Isn't that the one where they found an unexploded WWII bomb in the process of dredging and had to cease construction for a couple months while bomb experts came in and made sure there weren't more bombs that could potentially explode?


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    That's the one. We must have seen the same program. Do you know if anyone has a good mesh scenery for Scandinavia? I'm looking for something that would cover Denmark, Sweden and Norway. I've found some mesh sceneries that were piece meal, but there were several conflicts and made the scenery stutter.

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    There's the global 70m mesh from Stephen Rothlisberger but it only covers from 60°N to 60°S which means Oslo is about as far North as it goes. I'm using it for the Swiss Alps and it's really pretty good.


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