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    Default Missing Textures

    I am building an airport using Afcad2, Rwy12, and Ez Scenery. I have made an airport directory with the scenery and texture files located in the addon scenery folder. I have been repainting Rwy12 and Ez scenery texture files to more closly resemble the structures at the airport.

    When I put these scenery bgl files and the repainted texture files into there respective folders, the structures still show up with the default paint schemes. I have activated the airport folder and it is listed at the top of all other scenery folders.

    Any suggestions as to why my repaints are not showing?

    Ignorantly Yours

    J Claus

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    If these same library object bgl files are anywhere else in your FS installation then you have duplicated objects (i.e. they have the same GUID). I assume that FS is loading the "other set" of the objects instead. I don't know the exact order of object loading, sorry (if there even is one).

    BTW, it's not generally a good idea to have more than one object with the same GUID - some say it causes instability in FS, others say it just confuses it. :)

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    Default RE: Missing Textures

    My repainted textures don't show up even when I remove the default texture files from FS9.

    I thought that if you placed a scenery folder at the top of the scenery list in FS9 that it would over ride the default file?



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    I think if you're using rwy12, the actual objects you're placing would be contained within the .bgls in "Addon Scenery\Static Objects Library\scenery", correct? The output from the program; the .bgls placed in "Addon Scenery\<Your custom airport>\scenery", don't actually contain any objects, they only tell the sim to place (object GUID#) at (these coordinates) and (this heading), etc.

    This is just a guess, but in that case, the logical first place the sim would look to texture one of the objects would be in that same area's texture folder, in this case "Static Objects Library\texture". If it didn't find them there it would look in the main "Flight Simulator 9\Texture" folder, but I doubt it would go "up the chain" and look in another addon scenery area's texture folder, and I don't think scenery priority comes into play with regard to texturing objects.

    I think you'd have to put your new customized textures in that folder, overwriting the ones that came with the object libraries, rather than your airport's texture folder. Either that or move the .bgl containing the object in question into your airport's scenery folder.

    Like I said, this is speculation on my part. I've only just started to play with scenery design in the past few weeks and I'm not using any programs to place objects. So far I've just created some objects in gmax and placed them using hand written XML compiled with bglcomp.exe.

    good luck,

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    Normal scenery layering doesn't really work for library objects with the same GUID.

    Are you sure you have the BMP files in the correct format? They cannot be "standard" BMP files in millions of colors. They either have to be reduced to 256 colors or converted to a DXT1 format. I use DXTBmp for that.

    Hope this helps,

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