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Thread: Gps_Export doesn't wanna go away ...

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    Hey all .

    After removing several add-ons i recently download , Fs doesn't want to load and give me an error message that the Gps_Export.dll file inside the moudle folder is missing .
    After googling it , i discoverd the solution (Copy it from the 2nd CD) , but still - no luck . the problem still exists .

    I'm hopeless , any idia ?

    Thank you in advance ...

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    I believe that GPS_Export.dll is one of those files which is updated by the FS2004 SP1 patch.

    The CD version won't work, only the patch update version in my experience/ memory. It's been quite a while since I had that issue.

    I now backup my modules folder before allowing anything to uninstall.

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    Thanx for the reply . i tryed to install the update again but it's telling me it's already installed .
    Can you please send me the file to my mail ? [email protected] .

    Thank you in advance ...

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