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Thread: Question on using Captain Sim C-130

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    I am trying to learn how to start up and do a tutorial flight with the Captain Sim C-130. I am starting in a "cold and dark" environment. The problem is, it's too dark in the cockpit to be able to see the panel, so that I can follow along with the printed tutorial that I have.

    Starting in the cold and dark environment, is there an instrument panel light that will illuminate the main panel and the overhead panel prior to turning anything else on?

    I have looked in the flight manual but have not seen anything that is referenced as an instrument panel light.

    Edit: I was able to open up the overhead panel and turn on the AC and DC power. I now can't figure out how to close the overhead panel to get back to the virtual cockpit where I am supposed to be able to find the instrument panel switch.

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    have you tried captain sim's support system?

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    I haven't tried captain sim's support. I thought that someone would be able to help me out in this forum.

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    If my memory serves me right try the the side shelf panel to the left of the Captain's seat in the virtual cockpit.

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    Thanks for the help. I was able to find it. I noticed that in the process of starting up the aircraft that when you go back to the virtual cockpit view, sometimes you aren't looking inside the aircraft, but rather at an outside view.

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    "your question has been ask and answered before, please check our FAQ" thats what i got when i asked about the C130`s instrument refresh rates ,,and it was an automated response , meaning they didnt peruse the kind message i sent.

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    I did look through the FAQ, but did not find anything that mentioned the problem I was experiencing.

    I'm not sure that the problem is with the refresh rate of the instruments. The entire instrument panel disappears on occassion when switching views in the cockpit.

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