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    Did anyone download the carriers 2006 aircraft carrier package and the flatten files deck fix and if so how do I launch from the carrier deck itself. I tried everything I could possibly think of to launch but for some reason it just wont work. Also do the arrestor cables work beacuse i have an f/a 18 super hornet that has a retractable tailhook but i tried landin about a thousand times and it wont grab the cables. Any help would be appreciated . THANK YOU

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    Yeah...A Third Party bit of software will be required to both Cat and Trap from the Carriers...

    There are Some excellant Freeware offerings in the FS File Librarys...

    Look for a program called 3wire...By Rhys Eddy:


    There is another Carrier Operations package..By Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham:

    I havn't ever used rcbco-20...I hear people like it?? I think the developers hang around here from time to time?? I use to see them answering questions...I forget their screen names...

    I use a Payware gadget called ArrestorCabels...It's out of Abacus FlightDeck...I'm just really use to ArrestorCabels is the main reason I stick with them...I love them...I'm using FDIII..I don't have the latest version(FD4) yet...Not sure if there is any difference??

    I'll be glad to help any way I can if you have any trouble getting them going...But...You'll have to bear with me...I havn't used 3wire in a while...And I'd have to learn rcbco-20 from scratch...

    But if I can help just let me know...

    Have Fun Trapping!!

    P.S. I'm just trying to make my first ever video...I have sorta a rough draft completed...If I can find a place to upload it too...I would like a few folks to take a sneek peek for me before I upload it to a big site...Would you be interested?? I think it's kinda Kewl...(It may be really Stupid?? I dunno..he he)...I'm Definatly no Grover!! :P

    Have Fun...


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    Rcbco-20 works well from me. You need to get the instructions to add the gauges, and make the changes in the panel.cfg.

    You can use the launch and then the arrestor cable to catch the planes. After you land and do the trap, the cable releases so that you can taxi over to the catapult and take off again. You also need to use full flaps, and run the engine up before hitting the trigger to release the catapult. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

    Then you can do the night traps!! That is when you really know your stuff!!!

    The instructions are pretty simple. Down load the file Rcbco-20 and read the instructions.

    Don R

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    The instructions are simple, but the landings aren't. Practise, practise, practise!

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    Thanx for everyones reply, I actually got the catapult and the arrestor cables with the gauges, sound, smoke and all those effects installed pretty easily on the first try (something which usually takes a week with me). The only problem im having now is finding good fighter aircraft to use with carriers. I dont know whether if its my computer doing it or if the aircrafts are jsut bad in general but the f/a 18 from daisuke yamamoto just completly laggs and slows down the game

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    "I actually got the catapult and the arrestor cables with the gauges, sound, smoke and all those effects installed pretty easily on the first try (something which usually takes a week with me)"

    Good Job!!

    Here are some Aircraft...Disuke's is pretty tough...Maybe some of these will run a bit smoother??

    F-14 by Dino Cattaneo:

    Doing a search for "Dino Cattaneo" should yield Lot's-O Kewl F-14 stuff...

    Kazunori Ito:
    Do a search on that name too...He has allot of aircraft...F-14, S-3, A-7, A-6, EA-6B, F-4, A-4, TA-4J, T-2C and a Whole Lotta Other's...he's pretty much a "One Stop Jet Shop"...he he...Over 600 files come up with his name...That will keep you busy for a while...

    Rick Sasala:
    Got some Kewl Stuff too...I really like his E-2C...He's got an A-6, EA-6B, C-2A(COD) older S-3 Viking I think...And a host of others...

    Owen Hewitt and Mikko Maliniemi have a BAe arrow that you can find Navy VT Textures for..Then you have a nice T-45 Goshawk...

    Well...Hopefully that Helps a bit?? I probably know of more that I'm forgetting..he he

    Of course there is lots of Kewl Payware Stuff out there too...AerialFoundry, Razbam, Iris, AlphaSim just to name a few..

    Thanks for checking out the Video For Me!! Did you get the link to the Updated version?? If not:

    Have Fun!!


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