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Thread: IAS Button and Autopilot problem

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    I have been flying my 737-400 for years using the IAS button in the Autopilot mode without any problems. I'd just set the IAS during auto pilot mode and never worry about my speed. Now all of the the sudden the IAS button won't light up or work unless I activate the Auto Throttle switch. Then, when I attempt to set the speed at anything above "000" the engines spool up (while sitting on the ground) and won't stop unless I disengage the Auto Throttle switch. Before, I rarely used the Auto Throttle switch, and would often activate the auto pilot after flaps and landing gear up, and then let AP take me to cruising altitude and speed. I would always preset my IAS at a designated speed and then turn on the IAS button prior to take off, along with the ALT and HDG buttons. Of course none of these would begin to work until I activated the auto pilot. Any ideas of what could be wrong with my IAS functions, and any suggestions on how to fix it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice, with no help. My 777 and Learjet are doing the same thing. Please help??

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    I don't recall ever being able to use the IAS or Mach- mode on an auto pilot without engaging the auto throttle.On some auto Pilot unit's, you can input a speed and this uses AOA to give you a speed instead of auto throttle. I think in this case, you input a certain N1 with the throttles, enter a speed and the airplane will climb at what ever VS it needs to in order to fly at that speed. { I think?}

    Anyhow, I climb out by hand up to approx, 2500' and then ATC will call an altitude. I'll enter this and a Vertical speed I want the airplane to fly. I will work the throttles by hand for most climbs and keep it under 250 ias below 10000' msl. At cruise, I use ias/auto throttle.

    Just some thought's..

    P.S., perhaps auto throttle was some how coming on without you knowing


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    Default RE: IAS Button and Autopilot problem

    The auto throttle works whether the auto pilot is on or off. Has been like that since FS 98 which was the first MS FS I bought. So there is nothing wrong it is just the way you are useing it.

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    Default RE: IAS Button and Autopilot problem

    Thats the way it supposed to work.

    1.)You should set your heading, initial altitude and ias using the bugs.
    2.)Light up the alt hold and heading hold buttons, but not the IAS hold button.
    3.) Flip the Autothrottle switch to arm
    4.) do yuor normal take off procedure
    5.) upon positive climb rate, gear up, start your flaps up
    6.) Flick the autopilot on, then click the IAS hold button.
    7.) Follow your atc insructions or your flightplan and checklists from there.

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