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Thread: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    As for myself, I'd like to think that I would be civilized enough to thank the captain and crew for saving my life.
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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    I think you are making very premature judgements based on zero real data. When the enquiry decides what really happened then you can get mad, IF and only if, someone was incompetent.

    You sound like that very rare person, the one that never made a mistake and expects leeser mortals to meet your God like standards.

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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    Truth is, no one "barely escaped with their life". I would be thankful to the crew, because they did act professionally by quickly getting the passengers out instead of panicking like you probably would have. As if the captain doesnt have enough he was one of the more serously injured, there are people like you that play the blame game.
    So, just because a plane from an airline crash landed, you'd never fly the same airline again? I'm sorry, I wasnt aware of this behaviour of boycotting an airline because one of their planes crash lands (without loss of life or major injuries at that). If that were the case, dont fly on TWA, American Airlines, United, etc. (or any other airline that doesnt have a 100% safety record)

    Now let me guess...its Air Frances fault that their plane crash landed, but not American's fault that their planes got hijacked, etc? Or are you just using this accident to voice your dislike of a foreign airline?

    Congratulations, you really posted something useful for your 4th post on these forums. Keep posting [email protected] like this and you'll have lots of friends here in no time!! :D

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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    I think I'd fly them again simply on trusting that the odds of being involved in two accidents with the same airline must really be low! :)

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    Steve is this you under another login?!?! :9

    Cmon man you have to be serious? Better not fly:

    AA - crashed into a mountain
    United - bad maintenance led to complete hydraulic failure
    Delta - microburst event
    US Air - microburst event
    SWA - they like to fly fast, land long, pull into a gas station
    etc etc

    Get real. You do not know the complete facts (only speculation at this point). Wait till the TSB comes out with their report.

    Also your ignorance is showing in your statement of judging the "crew" of AF. The "crew" also includes the numerous flight attendants who DID successfully evacuate the entire aircraft without losing a single life. No matter what you may think about the pilots, the other "crew" did an outstanding job.

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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    Rsdyrda's Right....Especially considering the fact that they were only able to access half of the A340's exits and of the remaining 4, two of the escape slides failed to deploy properly, that Air France cabin crew did a phenomenal job evacuating the aircraft.

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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    Quantas likes to claim that they are aciident free, but even they've had aircraft run off the end of the runway before. Except for new airlines, all of them have had accidents of one sort or another, so if you won't fly because they have had an accident, then you better stay on the ground. But wait, you get accidents on trains and buses as well, not to mention cars. Might as well not get out of bed in the morning.


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    people die in bed all the time. there goes that! :P

    oh and don't trust ATC as they allowed an aircraft to land on top of another at LAX.

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    >Guys, I'm tired of reading and hearing about the
    >professionalism of the Air France Airbus A340 and how well
    >they behaved..
    >Hell the truth is, had i been on the aircraft landed in very
    >bad weather crashed on the second attempt and had barely
    >escaped with my life not only I will be very angry with the
    >capitan and the rest but i will never fly Air France again.
    >What do you think?

    Actually, I for one somewhat agree with you. I think the captain made a bad decision to land, reports from passengers had the flight crew making poor choices about how to proceed until passengers themselves got up to open the doors and get out...

    A great deal of the credit should be given to the emergency crews from Pearson Intl... they were there in under a minute after the plane lost control. Much of the fact that nobody died was due to them getting foam down fast. That foam likely gave them the extra _two_ minutes the flight crew needed to get everybody off (A lifetime on a burning plane).

    If the emergency crews were not there, there is a very real chance it would have blown much sooner, potentially trapping all but a few lucky survivors. Remember this thing was on fire before it stopped moving!

    Frankly it is darn lucky nobody died. The pilot should be hung and the crew re-trained (for office work).

    ATC is not at fault, they were on red alert due to severe thunderstorms and the airport was open for landing upon pilots discretion only - (which means we think you should divert and we accept no responsibility if you crash). And a pilot with any discretion would put the safety of his passengers before his schedule and diverted. If ATC had refused the plane to land, the tower would have been given nothing but grief from the airport and the airlines for costing them money.

    My 2C only and I reserve the right to change my mind.


    PS: to N6592B, the ignorant often ridicule that which they do not understand, don't take it personally.

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    Default RE: late observation on Toronto Air France crash

    Oh come off of it N6592B and Foxwolfen. 1. This was an International flight. They flew from France to Canada. So maybe they didn't have enough fuel to divert. They don't always fill the tanks all the way up you know. 2. From one pilot to another I think the way the pilots and flight crew acted was amazing. By the time the rescue crew has gotten there most of the people were already out of the aircraft. Trust me this crash could've gone alot worst, but thanks to the pilot quick actions and knowing that hes going to crash. He was able to minnimized the damage. Like another poster said Lets wait until the NTSB reports come out before we start making speculations.

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