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Thread: Add-on RMI gauge for FS2004 panel

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    I am currently half way through my IMC training as an addon to my PPL which I gained last year at Exeter. I am flying the Dreamfleet Piper Archer in FS2004 which is very similar to the Warrior III that I use in my training. It's a great help and a lot less costly to practice!!

    However the Dreamfleet Archer has a Rotatable card ADF, and the real aircraft that I will be tested in has an automatically aligning RMI. Is there a way that I can add an RMI to the existing Dreamfleet Archer panel, even if it's free floating and not part of the panel? I would be happy to purchase a downloadable addon if anyone knows wher to get one. Hope you can help.

    Best wishes
    David Lloyd-Hoare

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    I'm not on my pc that has fs9 installed, open your panel.cfg file of the plane you want the rmi in and also the panel.cfg file of the beech baron, and copy and paste the guts here, I'll show you how to rearrange the panel.cfg so you'll have the baron rmi in the cherokkee panel.

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    Why not just keep adjusting the adf in the archer,its better training if you adjust it yourself, simply just keep putting new heading values in the adf,thats all. Once you go to your slaved adf it will be a piece of cake.

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    I don't think it's better training, only more of a workload.

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    You might want to try this free Warrior too, about halfway down the page, don't know much about it but the panel looks good. I have some time in the Warrior, good little plane, you're lucky to have that rmi though, non of the cherokees I flew had rmis in them, sounds like it was hopped up by the owner.

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    Looks like that Warrior link isn't working, this one is

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    I have done that for a while now, but it's a lot of work when you're in the hold !!
    So I'm going to make it easy for the exam.

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    Just downloaded that Warrior - I'll get it installed today when I return from work. Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for this great tip, I've managed to get the Baron RMI showing up in the Archer cockpit in the right place as well!
    Many thanks

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    Just got to my other pc with FS2004 on it, that Warrior I found earlier isn't so hot, the instruments are too small to read, here's a better one though, free from it's a demo though, there are no time limits on the demo, but you can only fly within 75 miles of Helena Montana. :(

    Why don't you paste your Warrior panel.cfg file to me and I'll fix it so you have the baron RMI in it.

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