I am a hardcore flightsim enthusiast that spends way too much time on the computer flying,"according to other people". I can relate to you other simmers that frequent this website obsessively with myself. I actually dumped a beautiful girlfriend because of my obsession with this software. It was her or flightsim, and I didn't have time for both. I have been lurking around this website for years now and have realized that microsoft has this captive audiance by the balls. Over the decade I have gone from a very fit athlete fisique to a 200lbs piece of 747. In the last week I decided to join a gym and it has made a world of difference. i am still not fit, but am now meeting people once again. It feels really weird but definitly good. Goodbye to you sorry people, their is a new sheriff in town. get out while you still can, it is never too late to have a happy childhood!