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Thread: As a dedicated flight sim enthusiast!!!

  1. Default As a dedicated flight sim enthusiast!!!

    I am a hardcore flightsim enthusiast that spends way too much time on the computer flying,"according to other people". I can relate to you other simmers that frequent this website obsessively with myself. I actually dumped a beautiful girlfriend because of my obsession with this software. It was her or flightsim, and I didn't have time for both. I have been lurking around this website for years now and have realized that microsoft has this captive audiance by the balls. Over the decade I have gone from a very fit athlete fisique to a 200lbs piece of 747. In the last week I decided to join a gym and it has made a world of difference. i am still not fit, but am now meeting people once again. It feels really weird but definitly good. Goodbye to you sorry people, their is a new sheriff in town. get out while you still can, it is never too late to have a happy childhood!

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    Default RE: As a dedicated flight sim enthusiast!!!

    Good for you. Although,I myself don't fit into the same category. Sure, I come to this site once a day,just to browse the screenshots and post some of my own.Also, I like seeing what addons are available,read reviews,etc. But to me,flightsimming isn't my whole life. It's just a way for me to "escape" the everyday grind of the workweek.A stress reliever,if you will-I climb into my 757 cockpit,takeoff,and enjoy the view. And, I might add, I'm happily married going on 6 years this Sept. No, I'm not obsessed with this sim,and I've never had to choose between the wife or flightsim. (I would've chosen the wife anyhow)And she understands my part-time hobby. So again-good for you,but please don't think we're all like you used to be.Peace out....

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    Ha!... You'll be back!.. I just know it!..
    (.. dang.. now where'd that relief tube get to?...)

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    Default RE: As a dedicated flight sim enthusiast!!!


    You sound like it was an obsession with the sim, and failed to realize that there is other life out there in the 'real world'.There is nothing at all wrong with using FS as an escape, or even a hobby. But you need to have other things going on in your life, as you now realize.

    Now that you've joined a gym and getting back into shape, that's great. BUT you still need the balance in on your life. We don't want to hear that you are obsessed with the gym, spending all kinds of hours there,then dumping your girlfriend for the gym. Same scenario as the flightsim thing. So,once in a while, step back and look at your situation, that's all.
    Prhaps you will reconsider your decision. You did love flightsim and there's no reason to give it up completely.
    Good luck, whatever you do,

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    Default RE: As a dedicated flight sim enthusiast!!!

    Gym? Gym? Just think of all those hours you'll be spending pumping iron and falling off the treadmill, when you could be happily downloading all the latest add-ons!! :7

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    FS10 should have a limit to the time you can fly, DEPENDING ON YOUR AGE. On a 'sliding scale', as that is what will happen to your health if you don't 'live right'.

    Age 55 and over-no limit! It don't make any difference if you're an 'ole geezzer' (like you and I, John), but if you're young, you should be 'out-and-about' plus have SOME daily physical activity, to preserve your health. Get a sweat, or it don't count!

    Let's not fool ourselfs. This Simming is 'sit down/do nothing' hobby, where occassionally mostly your brain might hurt. I am retired, so it's my hobby, and want to enjoy it (and FS10) for a lot more years, so I do the bicycle (stationary) and the rower (sit down/ push pull with hands and feet) 15 to 20 mins a day. Have to. Use it or loose it is very true. Then, on my Epitaph, I want: 'HE FLEW THE COOP'. ha.

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    This is bad for young people, I dont think people 40 and under should be addicted to this , what a waste , but old people who are out to pasture i think its wonderful.

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    I take exception to your comment of "old people out to pasture' as being rude. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was not intended that way. Maybe when you get to a ripe old age you will see it is quite different that you perceive at this time. There is no 'out to pasture' at least for me, how about you?

    You know I have seen many (not all) 'young' people who are already are 'out to pasture' with their lazy attitudes, and lack of any incentive to do anything to better themselves. trying to find the 'easy way out', rather than to work hard and earn a living, instead of relying on parents, or others. Some "young" people have relied on mommy and daddy to buy them a brand new car, not a used car for their first vehicle. Buy 'em this buy 'em that, give 'em credit cards, but above all, don't teach them how to fend for themselves.

    ON the other hand there are many young and old people who DO work hard for what they want and need. There are many people who have worked for many years , sometimes until their 80's, keeping busy, because this is the way they were raised. No video games, no laziness, work for what you want. Do or die as it were.

    Being "addicted" to a computer porgram is no one's fault but their own.. It is not MS's fault or the computer game designers who "make"
    a person become addicted, that is a personal choice of the user.

    There are a lot of folks who are under 40 who still use FS that are not addicted in the true sense of the word. They have a real life, real jobs and families. Just because they like to play a game or a simulator, it is not a waste. That is their choice. When they start neglecting the family, their health, even "dumping their girlfriends" then it has become a real addiction. Your descsion to stop using FS may be good for you. Don't speak for others who like to simfly.

    Have you ever learned anything from flying? If you can't afford to be a real pilot you can do the next best thing, learn about navigation, weather, aerodymanics, geography, etc. It is not a waste.
    Maybe you will reconsider using FS again, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you don't let it become your life's obsession.

    QUOTE: "Goodbye to you sorry people, their is a new sheriff in town. get out while you still can, it is never too late to have a happy childhood!"

    "sorry people"? No further comment..........

    >>>>I will step down from the soapbox, these comments are my own, read at your own risk, your mileage may vary.<<<<<

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    Sorry, i dont know what out to pasture means myself, but im over 40 ,sigh. The original poster is very rude, thinking where all like him.. You can play the game for an hour a day , post on flightsim forum for 15 minutes, then go about your other activities , but to dump his girlfriend is weakminded.

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    Default RE: As a dedicated flight sim enthusiast!!!

    OK, Now I am as dedcicated a simmer as anyone. I work from home a lot and will launch a 10-12 hour long haul 1/2 hour before the work day begins and land an hour after it ends. It is a nice start and end to the work day. If I am around the house, chances are I am simming. BUT I am also an avid golfer (prior to my surgery two months ago) have a real life too and would NEVER pass up sex for simming. I had a very hot fiance and we called it off but I assure you, it wasnt; for simming LOL. If you have a good relationship you should both have time to do whatever you want anyway. Sounds like this user had no balance in his life and might have had other issues if simming ruled his life. Glad you got yourself turned around, maybe you be be the user in FSA Flight Simmers Anonymous LOL Do we need to start FS forum interventions?
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