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    Hi all,

    I have ran a search on the forum and can't find an answer to this anywhere, so I hope someone can help with this.

    I haven't

    I am getting an error message when starting the sim up. "The weather theme could not be loaded, please check that this file exists and try again.". If I click OK, I get the create a flight dialogue box and everything sems to be working OK, until I press 'Fly Now' and all I get the loading box flying across to the right, then a black screen of death and the helpful little pop-up from Microsoft telling me the program is not responding, would I like to send a message to Microsoft.

    I had installed Voice Buddy 3 and UK2000_Pt8. So I un-installed these and did a fresh install.

    I have even done a complete fresh install twice now and I am still getting the same error message.

    Please help, all I want to do is get back into flying this thing.

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    On your re-installs did you manually delete the FS9.cfg file?

    Try deleting this file and then start FS04.

    Hope this helps,
    ActiveSky Sales and Support

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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the reply. As I still had FS9 installed, I deleted the FS9 config file so that a new one would be created. Unfortunately this didn't work, I still got the same message.

    I will try uninstalling the whole program, then delete the config file, then re-install, and see what happens.

    Has anyone out there got any ideas which disc the weather is on? As I also thought about manually adding the weather folder.

    Also, would someone please list what folders and files they have in their weather folder? Looking at it, I'm not sure if I have something missing.

    Many thanks,


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