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    hi guys & Gals just bought the capt sim 707....boy im going to have great fun with this...i found out rather quickly you have to watch your speed like a hawk especially on approach...or youl sink like a rock..which i did and couldnt recover...i had already downloaded a couple of freebies...which were great but i couldnt get a panel that i looking at the pics of capt sim,s panel i was just a scot living in the u.s. with my american wife and i love both of if anyone has any tips on flying this monster...keep them clean.....lets here them....


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    I've got the beast, as well. The panels are great but my only complaint is the fps hit the plane takes on my machine. I'd definitely like to hear from anyone who has managed to trim it down.

    As for flying, like all those older jet planes, you've just got to keep your mind on the speed always. There's been many a time that I've had that perfect trim, but forgot to check the speed; nose-up, butt-sink. Ground Dart Airlines.



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    Sounds like a problem with the *.AIR file. While I don't have this add-on, the 707 should present NO problem in flying. I flew the DC-8 and the sim models available fly just like the real ones. We didn't have any problem with speed control and I never heard any 707 pilots complain about speed control on their machines.

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    Agreed, with a light 707 having a stall speed of below 100 kts (yes really), you'd have to be going bloody slow for it to sink badly!

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Just remember to keep 1.2 EPR on the approach and ....Oh no you can't do that can you, cos the EPRs broke!

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    Having flown the real 707 (actually a KC-135A), I can tell you it does not have a tendency to rapidly lose airspeed and sink. The exception is at very high landing weights. You might try reducing your fuel load to something like 10 or 15 thousand pounds - if the model is accurate, this should give a more realistic approach.


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