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    How do you put your own picture on the face of the pilot so when you look in the cockpit you see your self?
    Thanks TC

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    Now, that wouldn't be too realistic, unless you are a pilot in real life, too, would it?
    ;) :)

    Just kiddin'. The fact is i don't know. Guess you should open and redo the .mdl file.

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    The image is stored in the paint files. Usually under a misc.bmp or similar. Not normally in the fuselage image files. You can edit it there, although normally you'll need a flat image of your head (eg, ears, back and top of head all visible :-eek) to do it. Not certain how to do that smoothly, possibly take a few pictures at different angles of your head and merge them together. Won't be perfect, but shouldn't be noticeable.

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    I have tried it in the past and had very little luck at it..

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    I've tried this too with very little success. May be somone can write a tutorial.

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