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    Hi guys,

    I do most of my FS flying in New Zealand and got sick of downloading and printing a ton of A4 sized PDF files for each and every instrument chart I needed.

    I just purchased a full instrument flight guide with every SID, STAR, Approach and aerodrome chart for all airports in NZ (About 200 Pages bound) second hand, for $15 NZD (about $10USD). They expired 3 months ago, so cannot be used for real flying, but for MSFS they are great. Usually you can find ones that have just expired on EBay etc for very cheap, and they are a great alternative to printing them all out!

    Anyway, just felt like sharing,


    Chris :-wave

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    You can probably pick up a new and current copy of the same book at your local airport for about the same price.

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    You might find that expired guides are actually better than going broke with the current ones. The frequencys and navaids were set a long time ago, and the newest charts may not show things like NDBs and LOMs that are in the game but taken out of service in real life.

    I can remember trying to shoot an approach into Groton CT with FS2000. The charts I was using for my real life training had frequencys that were not what the game had.

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    Just grabbed the North Central 1 Term Proc, covers Minnesota, N & S Dakota. 460+ pages. You can get outdated ones at FBOs and such here in the states for nothing but a please and thank you.

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    Nice. YEah, probably a good idea to go with an expired one. I believe someone on this forum sent me one with the US, Canada, and Mexico.
    Captain Kevin

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    You can get whole Jeppesen chart sections from FBOs which got stuck with them or pilots who switched to the NOS charts. Unlike the U.S. goverment charts you don't get a whole new section everytime you get an update. You get to insert a bunch of scattered updates all over the place with Jepps...lucky pilot!

    I got the Southwest Jepp set and high altitude enroute charts on Ebay. You just keep searching and looking till someone wants to get rid of what you want.

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