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    Hi all!

    My sim is very much affected by clouds... I mean it really can take 20fps to 6fps when those fluffy and BIG cumulus appear in front of me! so, does anyone knows about a spare cloud texture file, that can lower the effect over frame rates and yet maintain a good quality??? Also, wich of those weather sliders do you think affect fps the most???

    Another thing: Im having trouble trying to upgrade my BIOS. I have an ASUS K8V Deluxe... When I downloaded the newest BIOS file, Ive noticed that it has an *.AMI extension... problem is that, the EZ installation proccess only recognizes *.ROM extension files, so the installation cannot proceed... If someone has the same machine as mine and have already updated the BIOS, PLEASE HELP!!!

    Many Thanks,

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    Do a search on and pick up Chris Willis highest cloud performance cloud set. They look great and no whopping framerate hit even on the highest eye candy settings.


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    It would be helpful if you would post your PC's harware specifications. You FPS looks like what I had when I still had a FX5200 in my rig.

    Also, be careful with the BIOS flash. When it comes to BIOS; If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Tech forums across the internet are full of people asking for help after their Mobo stopped working after a flash.

    John T.

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    Intel 4790K @ 4.7Ghz, MSI Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard, Noctua NH-U12S cooler, Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2133 MHz RAM, nVidia GTX 970 GPU, Cooler Master HAF 932 Tower, Thermaltake 1000W Toughpower PSU, Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, and other good stuff.

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    Be warned the addon clouds are in DXT format and can cause many crashes to desktop.

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    Any recent gfx setup should be able to handle DXT formatted images. So many addons have at least 1 dxt3 bitmap that it would be hard to find a addon without one.

    John T.

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    If you are using DTX clouds format , enable render to texture to avoid, error loading at 77%.

    If you use the 32 bits format, you won't have any problems and the performance is the same as the DXT format.

    Recommend to use the 32 bit format only, for better cirrus clouds visual and cumulus.


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    The only time I've ever "flashed" my BIOS it was necessary to upgrade my old ASUS A7M266 to an AMD XP 2100+ CPU.

    It worked flawlessly. As John says...unless you absolutely MUST upgrade the BIOS (as in my case), just leave it alone.

    If it IS a requirement make sure you understand the BIOS flashing process. Unless things have changed in 3 years it involves creating a floppy and using DOS commands.


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