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    Hello All -

    I have been searching for a high quality MD 80, 90, etc. in the American Airlines livery for use with FS2004.

    Is there anyone out there who regularly flies a particular model which you can recommend?

    Thanks very much,


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    hmm, i use the one i have listed below. i like it a lot but since i am only 18, i have never had the opportunity to fly a real one so i dunno if it handles acurately. i dunno if you will like it though. good luck!

    "FS-ACOF - FS2004 Jetliners
    FS2004 American Airlines MD-83

    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 3,180,975 Date: 12-08-2003 Downloads: 3581
    FS2004 American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83. A repaint of the Stewart Global Aircraft MD83 in the current American Airlines livery. Features fully reflective chrome in 32 bit format. All textures were created by hand pixel by pixel. The plane depicted is N232AA which is still in service today with American. Repaint by Jim Martin."

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    Have you looked over at ? I know they're payware but they're working on the MD80 series now I believe. Also if u have the Iron Knuckles DC9 the two can somehow be merged using the installer i believe.

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