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Thread: PMDG flight plans.

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    Default PMDG flight plans.

    Is there any freeware flight plan builder out there where I can import into the fmc in the PMDG 737?

    I find it hard to program an entire flight into the fmc manually.

    I know fsbuild has a payware version but I am looking for freeware.

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    FSBuild also still has their freeware version available that I think will export to an FS9 pln file that may work.

    Also, keep in mind that the FS9 built in planner (which does work with PMDG 737) is not a bad planner for what it is.

    get the freeware PLN2RTE converter, should help you out a bit.

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    Default RE: PMDG flight plans.

    As for PMDG FMC flight planning, I usually enter it manually but following the default planned route. I mean, I open the FMC, open the scratchpad and enter each waypoint as indicated by FS9. It works great and is not very much time consuming.

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    Another of the neat features of FSBuild is that there are available flight plans by real world airlines such as Southwest. Another of the nice things is that you can insert the STAR and DP which then get imput into the flight planner in FS9. You can use the planner alone in FS9 but you have to then track down all the different intersections and VORs in order to follow any of the published procedures. Way too much work.

    If you want to fly jets, get FSbuild. When you fly GA, I plan the flight out manually then tweak what the default planner give me.

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    I use FS Navigator to generate PMDG flight plans. Save the generated plan at FS Nav. I then export it to FS9 and PMDG. To export to PMDG you must install a utility offered at PMDG.

    I start the flight with my recalling the plan at FS Nav, then recalling it under FS9 (flights, flight planner, load, OK). This will place the aircraft and load air traffic control.

    In the 737NG FMC under MENU go to INDEX, Nav Data, Flight Plan, and select you plan.

    You are now ready to fly.
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    Using FS Navigator like described above does work...with one caveat. FS Navigator has a glitch in it that prevents you from entering appropriate crossing altitudes for fixes on some STARs. Regardless of how hard you try, you can't adjust the crossing altitudes on the descent profile to fall within the real-world crossing altitude restrictions. So even after you save the flightplan and export it to the PMDG, you will have to manually change the crossing altitudes for the fixes in the STAR portion. Of course, this means you have to "have" a copy of the STAR to reference to see what the appropriate altitudes are. There are many web sites that have the STAR charts, so you can always get the chart you need to do this. But you still need to know how to do it in the PMDG FMC, so it's kind of a Catch-22 situation.

    Not changing the altitudes to reflect what is on the STAR isn't too important if you fly the flightplan offline. But if you fly online like on VATSIM, the controllers will expect you to be crossing the fixes at the "published" altitudes on the STAR (unless told otherwise). Note that the altitudes that FS Navigator uses for STAR fixes are sometimes WAY off from what the real-world published altitudes are. An example is the CIVET4 arrival into KLAX. It is one of the most used STARs at KLAX in the real-world, yet FS Navigator will assign altitudes that are thousands of feet "wrong" in the FS Navigator flightplan, and you can't adjust them in FS Navigator to match the real-world STAR requirement. Once you load the flightplan into the PMDG FMC though, you can change the altitudes there.

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