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    hi guys I am in need of your help . i have down loaded a nice fed x Bae 146-200 by jon Murchison no prob there. i looked at the panel he recomended but it is way to much for me to install. (file

    so i have found a panel by Targan Untmaz for a BAe-RJ version 2( file But every time i run fs 2004 i select the aircraft and the sim locks up and the only way out is ctrl+Alt+delet. if i take rhe panel out all is fine. But it not to good trying to fly a ILS with out a panel lol.
    What makes me think I might need a file of some sort is,that in the read me file it says for 20004, but later it says to put the panel ect in the 20002 aircraft and gagues folders?
    I have a 737 panel that runs ok of his. so is it that I need a file of some sort to run this panel ? or is it that it is not for use with 2004 please help me with this or is there a good Bae panel out there that works ok with fs 20004.
    yours in hope jonjoe . ps please keep it simple as i am just getting used to all this.

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    I am using the same panel on an ARJ-85 model, and have no problems. Sounds like the panel was not installed correctly. Did you put the gauges in your gauge folder? I would try to reinstall from the zip file. In addition there is an update to the panel:

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    You have to let the thing sit for a a min maybe....mine freezes too, but if you just waite, it might work.

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    hi both , thanks for taking the time to reply
    have tried a reinstall twice but no luck.
    and when i check in the task monitor it says it has failed.
    but will try again and i have tried the update too still no panel


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    I am using for a penel in my BAe 146 (same model you are using)

    Almost any panel you use should work in FS2004. They MUST be installed correctly...

    I always unzip to a temporary folder first, never directly to the "aircraft" or "gauges".. I also do not overwrite, I cut and paste only...

    Once I have the panel "built" in the temp folder I then copy it to the aircraft folder, remove or rename the original panel folder first..

    Then manually copy "all" the gauges to the main gauge folder...

    Be careful that you are not using a fs2k2 gps in fs9 !!!!.

    I have been doing this a long time. ( 60 panels in FS9 )

    I prefere to manuall install as much as possible. It eliminates error...


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