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Thread: PMDG 737 NG Engine start

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    Default PMDG 737 NG Engine start

    This has got to be finger trouble on my part but can some-one please explain to me why in the PMDG 737 Quickstart flight I can always start the left engine first with PACs on, but never the right until left is running and PACs off. I just cannot get right to start first. The only reason I found out was trying to follow the quickstart instructions in the manual.

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    PMDG has it's own customer support forum. I think this was already addressed over there in it. Log into the PMDG site and select "forums".

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    Have you got the bleed isolation valve "open" and both engine bleeds set to "on"?


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    The isolation valve not being opened is probably the cause. Go to the PMDG site and download the tutorals. You get taken on a series of flights that not only show you how to start the bird, but program the FMC and shoot approaches.

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    When you start a 737, you have to have the APU bleed ON, and the packs OFF (its an air-driven starter - min 30 psi). You'll find the sim is just like real life. If you do this, it works as expected.

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    I got typed in the -200 8 months ago and haven't studied the systems much since. I got thinking about this question last night and thought that the APU bleed should be open and the engine bleed valve open that you're trying to start, this is where I got confused, I know engine bleed air is routed through the engine bleed valve to power the packs, does the APU bleed air route backward through the bleed valve to the starter? I'm sure it does, but what happens during the start, when does the engine bleed air overtake the incoming apu bleed, must have something to do with starter cutout.

    I got myself all confused, I'm going to go get my 737 manual.

    CRS syndrom stinks.

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    I was also having a lot of trouble with starting the engines until I figured it out. Its possible to simultaneously start both engines. Make sure the APU is running, the fuel pumps are on etc. Now go the air-con system. Make sure ONLY the APU bleed air is selected. Switch the engine start selector to BOTH and if you turn both starters to ground both engines will spool up. The trick is, if the right engine bleed air switch is on without the left engine on, then the right engines won't start. So if you want to start the right engine first, make sure its bleed air switch is off. Funnily enough, the left engine starts regardless of its bleed air setting. Also note- none of the engines will start unless the APU is on with its bleed air on.

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    Please kindly disregard EVERYTHING in the previous post.

    I'm currently reading the manual, will have good answers in a few days.

    Thank you.

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    On the 737-200, the engine bleed valve must be open for the engine you are starting, with a limitation of no power setting above idle, you don't want to spin the APU backwards.

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    It's amazing how clear things become when you read the manual.

    I got answers, who's got questions.

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