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Thread: First time buying payware aircraft

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    Beware, buying payware is addictive. I just started a couple months ago and I've spent $275 CDN on it already.

    I have the FSD Seneca and I love everything about it except for the panel. I personally don't like how they put so much on the panel at once and used small gauges to accomodate it. I'd much rather remove the GPS and Autopilot controls from the right and have the panel zoomed it. I have a 21" monitor and I find it impossible to read the numbers on the engine gauges. Personal preference I guess.

    I also just got the PMDG Beech 1900D. The plane looks and flies great. As you said it isn't an indepth simulator, but more of a just pick up and fly aircraft, which is another reason I like it. Between long scheduled IFR flights it's nice just to hop in, fire up the engines and fly.

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    I am sorry if I seemed to come down too hard on the PMGD 1900, Like I said I did read the review and thought for only $14 I was worth it and it is(Visual and Flight Dynamics). I posted this on 3 forums(Avsim, Simviation, and Flightsim), everyone pretty much said get the reality-xp gauges. I did look at these and at first I was thinking that they cost just as much as the planes for eash one(WX radar, GPS, EFIS)not worth it, but from the replies I think I might splurge and get them now :). Cheers!!

    P.S. Thanks for your input. And about the PMDG 737 I know it is a good one but right now I like the props. In the future I will probably buy it.

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    I had my first fun flight in the Navajo last night. Thanks for the info on the lower resolution repaints for the plane. That made all the difference. It's nice to be able to fly this plane finally w/o all the hang ups and FPS problems. Such an incredible virtual cockpit (which is where I spend most of my time). Thanks again for the info Jim.


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    The PMDG B1900 "Express" is an excellent aircraft, well worth the modest price. The panel is the only area where it is less than prototypical, and the cure for that, for someone who wants it, is to go to the site listed above and acquire the add-on panel.

    To complain about the PMDG B1900 Express being inadequate doesn't make sense to me. PMDG clearly describes their Express version for what it is: a less complex, "get in and fly it" aircraft. Therefore, why would someone buy it, then complain?


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    What would be considered the creme de la creme of twin turboprops as far as flight dynamics and detailed modeling of all systems. I like the detail. I'm looking for the turboprop equivalent of the PMDG 737NG. I was thinking it would be the B1900 but now I'm not so sure.
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    As has been stated above, the Beech 1900D was marketed as being the first of their "economy range" and so doesn't have all the systems modelled, but the flight dynamics are first rate.

    As for turboprops, you may want to look at the Flight1 Meridian and the new Cessna 441 Conquest II. The Meridian has more systems modelled than in most other planes of this type, in particular it has a working pressurization system, and both it and the Conquest have first-rate flight dynamics.

    In development at present is the Flight1 Pilatus PC-12. I have no information on it other than what's available at their site, but it may well have many systems modelled.

    Also consider the ATR-72, due out fairly shortly. This may also meet your exacting requirements.


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