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    I've got a pair of E-Dimensionals glasses and they work a treat in fs9 with the exception that any kind of light, be they runway or aircraft is completely wrong. That is they "float" above the scenery. Has anyone got any ideas on how to pix the problem?

    Any I deas would be appreciated.


    Mark Davison

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    Hi MPD,

    E-Dimensional glasses only work on 3D objects (it needs the z buffer data to calculate stereo seperation) so anything that is a 2D bitmap object (lights, sun, 2D cockpits, simple clouds and non GMax scenery) all get displayed in the same z plane.

    Sorry but there is no fix... try FPS games instead as they tend to have totally 3D displays ;)


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    Greetings Mark!

    The same "floating" thing happens with many 3rd party add-ons, and through a bit of pottering about with different settings I found that in several cases disabling "transform and lighting" improves the situation. Sadly enough that brings my framerates to their knees, so I've decided to simply live with the floating runway and aircraft lights, and not buy any scenery enhancements.

    I never could figure out the latter issue, though. One would suppose that add-on sceneries like Lago's "Venice", and airports and such, are fully 3-dimensional. Yet there seems to be a difference between "original MSFS 3-dimensional", and "third party 3-dimensional". The world is full of mysteries.

    Be well!

    Jaap Verduijn.

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