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    In the procoss of investigating what pressure altitude was, I drew up this chart to convert between pressure and altitude, so I've stuck it online incase anyone else is interested.

    [a href=""]Pressure Chart (PDF)[/a]

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    Thanks for the chart!
    I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

    Question, what is hPa exactly?

    I thought that pressure at sea level should be 'standard pressure' equal to 750 millbars of Hg (mercury) or 30.00 hg on a barometer


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    hPa is "hectopascals" a.k.a millibars, the metric system of measuring pressure.

    >I thought that pressure at sea level should be 'standard pressure'

    You are right. Standard pressure in milibars is 1013.25 or 29.92" of mercury.

    Post anything else that you want to know and I will do my best to answer :-lol

    Hope that helps.

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    My question is not related directly to your posting but I hope you do not mind me directing it to you since you clearly have a handle on pressures and altitude in FS2004.
    I cannot figure out how to get my instruments and ATIS to use millibar settings for altitude instead of inches.
    I have tried the "international" settings so that I can get altitude in feet and not metres but cannot get my millibars of pressure. The Help screen syas I can, but does not say how.
    Do you know how to do this?
    Sorry if this is a daft question ..

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    >I cannot figure out how to get my instruments and ATIS to
    >use millibar settings for altitude instead of inches.

    It depends on the instrument. There are altimeters which show hPa and there are altimeters which show inches of mercury and there are some showing both. So if your favourite panel has got an altimeter showing inches of mercury only and you want to have hPa just look for an appropriate instrument and change the panel by editing the corresponding panel.cfg file.

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    I'm only aware of the International setting for changing ATC. I think mine is currently set to Metric (altimeter in feet), but gives Inches Hg.
    I'll tell you if I find out anything.

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