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Thread: How can I make FS9 ATC sound like......

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    Default How can I make FS9 ATC sound like......

    I was sent a link this morning of Newark Approach. My question can I make FS9 sound like this guy :)

    Okay...So I know the answer to that. Just trying to keep Brian and Darrel off my back! LOL

    Here is the link. Sit back, and picture that you are looking at the scope and having to do his job. How in the world can he keep track of all his commands? Especially all the speed commands he has given. UNREAL!!! This guy is good...No, this guy is like a G O D!! I wonder what he is like off the job. Or how much coffee he drinks!!!

    The link is off the VATSIM New York ARTCC website. However this is a real life recording.

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    Default RE: How can I make FS9 ATC sound like......

    would love to hear it, but don't like the looks of the program the link wants to install. Teecee.

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    Default RE: How can I make FS9 ATC sound like......

    My Pops has been ATC for a combined 27+ years...both Air Force and 23 years of FAA service...Most of the time has been spent at DTW. I dont know what that guy sounds like or what he drinks or is like on his off time, but most controllers are pretty laid-back. They tend to be a bit of perfectionists in some areas. I guess when you get in the busy areas and after doing it long enough, it becomes second nature like anything you do over and over. He has been a controller/sup at MKE for past 11 years and now that I will be flying for an airline out of MKE, I will get my chance to talk to him on the comms. My friends are now giving me grief about getting preferential treatment;)

    Anyhow, it's always neat to listen to some of these controllers rattle off clearances like nobody's business and sound cool;)

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    Default RE: How can I make FS9 ATC sound like......

    Right-click and "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." (depending on your browser). That's what I'm doing right now, anyway - I'm at 47%.

    I'll let you know if there was any nasty malware involved. :)

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    Default RE: How can I make FS9 ATC sound like......

    Actually it sounds like to me that what he's doing is pretty easy, there's just a lot of it. The only thing he's doing is speed adjustments and decents towards final approach. What's busy is when you have 20 aircraft that all want something different and it affects the other 20.

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