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Thread: Can't get the forward view back

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    Default Can't get the forward view back

    I'm not new to FS. I've assigned a button on my yoke to move eyepoint forward in increments. In the past, if I hit the hat switch, the default forward view came back. Now, this doesn't work, Nor does resetting the view with the default keyboard shortcut or in view options selecting forward view. I must use SHIFT + BACKSPACE to reset the view but if not in level flight, have no way of knowing where to set it.

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    Default RE: Can't get the forward view back

    SHIFT + BACKSPACE moves the point of view out the windscreen down. It's exactly the opposite of SHIFT + ENTER to raise the seat up so you can see over the panel.

    I was monkeying around with assigning different buttons on my joystick, but I was using FSUIPC instead of MENU | CONTROLS | ASSIGNMENTS. Things got a little hosed up with my views as well. I finally had to go back into FSUIPC and remove the button controls and reset everything to default in the CONTROLS area and start over.
    I think essentially the sim got lost! Maybe I did!

    Oh, almost forgot. If you keep monkeying with the view out the front and can't figure out where it's supposed to be, the SPACE BAR is supposed to reset the default view.

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