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    Hi iam thinking about joining a VR airline. I was wondering once accepted do u just start flying to flights right away? Or do u have to go though some kind of tranning process? Also can u fly what aircraft u want. For me right now i realy only fly the pmdg 737 cant live with out it.

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    It all depends on the Virtual Airline, with some you have to prove yourself by doing checkride videos and sending them on to someone. With others there are restrictions to what you can fly depending on how many hours of flight time you have.

    With some though, you can just pick a route, and fly. No check rides or nothing.

    For a good VA with no restrictions or checkrides (Yes, I am a pilot with them) go to

    Happy Landings,

    pa2q2 :-jumpy

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    Two things:

    First of all, there is a separate forum area for VA (Virtual Airline) questions.

    Secondly, check out the Flying Tigers Group - you can fly the 737 to your heart's content, and we expect you to start flying straight away.

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