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Thread: What res do you use in FS2004?

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    I have a 9800 ati pro at 128. Would you be kind enough to spell out how you set up your settings as you listed. I guess your talking about the cards settings?

    Thank you.

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    Control panel --- settings ---- advanced. I have the newest Omega driver. In both Open GL and Direct3D I have the main settings set to 'Optimal Performance'. For Custom Settings both AA and AF are set to 'Application Preference' and 2X for both.

    The rest of the settings the following:

    Texture Preference - High Quality

    Mip Map Detail Level - 2nd notch

    Wait for vertical sync - 2nd notch

    TruForm - Always off

    All settings in FS9 set to maximum (only exception is draw distance for clouds and AI - set to 80%)

    I also use the frame friendly 32 bit cloud set.

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    >I often fly on my laptop (especially when travelling) and if
    >I set it at anything lower than 1600X1200, the window gets


    I'm kinda shootin' from the hip here, but are you saying that if you switch to a lower resolution the screen is not filled with your Windows desktop? The reason I mention it is that I've had this happen to me when I close the lid on my laptop and reopen it later. Using any lower setting (e.g. 1024 x 768) than the optimal resolution recommended when installing the drivers (1400 x 1050) resulted in the screen getting smaller like I described and staying smaller on subsequent reboots. I found that in Display Properties > Advanced > Name-of-my-video-adapter tab, there was an option under Flat Panel Display that allowed me to choose to "Use Display Adapter Scaling" instead of using "Centered Output" or "Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling." That allowed me to select other resolutions and have them fill the screen (on my Nvidia card, anyway).

    I understand that you like how things look, so you may not want to change it. I may also have missed the point of your comment entirely, so please disregard if you wish. I just thought it might help you or someone else who has the problem I described.

    Happy flying,


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    1600x1200x32, Radeon 9700 Pro, 4X Antialias, 8X Anisotropic. That´s pushing it with heavy clouds, but MAGNIFICENT image quality.

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    Which vert. resolution at 1280 matches the correct aspect ratio in FS ?

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