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    Does anyone know were I can get a Cessna 180 for Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004? seems like no one has really ever though of designing one.
    Thank you
    Pilot Panzee

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    I don't think anyone has modeled the 180 series.....skywagon, D version or the 185.....I like the 180D nice float cessna.

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    Haven't seen a Cessna 180 since FS98. Someone did model a cockpit for a 180 to be used in many of the 185's, though.


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    Thank you all so much, I knew nobody would make a C180, your right it does look nice on floats, really nice. Mabey someone will make some changes for me and make the 3 blade on the 185 and make it 2 blades, and posibly take out the third window then It'll look like a 180.
    Thank you

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